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Reports from Moppy and Captain Power on the Erith Snooker Master8ers pool games...

Match report v Dukes Head (home)

posted 18 Jan 2017, 08:15 by paul williams

We lost to Dukes head earlier in the season, but Dukes head table is a tough table to play on. Some say Erith table is tough too.. It does have its own challenges. 

On to match. Pinkie v Jim. Close match and it swung both ways. Pinkie looked like he got his win when Jim went in off leaving just a red to roll down to pot and black centre table. But Pinkie hit the red too hard and it wobbled and went safe.. chance lost and frame lost. 0-1

Mop v Dave. Dave went in off and Mop controlled table from then on and dished up on his next visit. 1-1
Sherwood kept his great run of wins going with a good finish. 2-1 

Proper Kev in for Blaster as blaster was stuck at work. An in off cost him dear v John who finished well. 2-2

Rat and Glen both finished the singles with a win giving us a 4-2 lead. 

Mop/Pinkie v Colin/Dave. Dave potted some great reds to get to black but the black was one pot too far. Left mop with 6 yellows which he dished up with black for the win. 5-2

Proper and Rat lost to a strong Duke pairing of Jim and John. 5-3

Sherwood finished up again to take the final frame 

Result: 6:3. Solid win v a nice team. Won't be moving us up the table much though. 

Match report v Crayford Social and a few missing ones...

posted 11 Jan 2017, 08:08 by paul williams   [ updated 11 Jan 2017, 08:09 ]

Been slacking on my reports here is a quick round up! 

29th Nov  v Oak B. We bounced back from defeat by Oak A. with a convincing 8-1 victory. Our one loser poor OSW in singles.. Only the lonely.. 

13th Dec v Erith A. Local derby and still on good form. . proper and poor OSW losing but a good 7-2 win

20th Dec Xmas jumper game. 6-3 win again.. to keep our form going. See pic for happy Pinkie

3rd Jan - Team KO v Village Inn. close match went down to final frame which Sherwood dished to win. 5-4 Win

Now to last nights! 

Due to illness we were down to low number. Only 4 fit players. We thought we had  got the services of Darren P. But he didn't turn up. nice to let us know you didn't want to come.. 

Even though we started well. Well not well. But we got wins. 

Pinkie v Gibbo. Littered with in-offs all over the place. Both threw it away. Looked like simple black for Pinkie to win but he missed it and left a very tough long black on his second visit. Which he promptly slotted home! 1-0

Moppy's game was all mistakes too v Aaron. both throwing it away several times. Moppy managed to hold it together on chance 56 and won the frame. 2-0

Blink and you will miss it next. Sherwood v Welshy. no safety considered here.. Mistake on dish by Welshy left nice easy finish for Sherwood to keep his top form going. 3-0! 

Blaster next and looked to have it in bag after Scot got stuck on black. But Blaster failed to get position on black and went in off and gifted frame to Scot. 3-1

As 4 we should of gave them 2 last frames. But no one would agree with Moppy that he knows the rules. So they picked Blaster to play again when they should of had the frame. Darren won the frame so it didn't make a difference anyway. 3-2 and then 3-3

Tough doubles match first and longest frame of night. Crayford got stuck on black but Mop/Pinkie could not take advantage. Dan from Crayford finished off the frame in style with a long tough pot up the rail. 3-4

Sherwood /Blaster lost the last and night was lost 6-3

Result: 6:3 loss. We started great but lack of players costs big time. Oh well. Man flu is killed us :) and a good black from Dan. 

Match report v Royal Oak (away)

posted 28 Nov 2016, 02:59 by paul williams

First of 2 weeks at Oak. this time playing last years champions Oak A

Pinkie up first v Phil. A piece of good sportsmanship to start with. Phil called a foul on himself on a shot leading to 2 visits for Pinkie who dished up. 

Up next Mop v Paul Clements. a bit of tip tapping with balls tucked up . Mop gained 2 visits from a snooker. Mop went for it but failed, leaving a finish for Birthday boy Paul C to finish which he did in style. 1-1  

Rat v Mark H next Bit of bad sportmanship here. Early on Mark had control of the table and was playing a guarded game to finish. Rat wasn't impressed with this and threw the frame away. Not the done thing. 1-2

Glen v new Boy for Oak "Pete Whyte". glen stil not firing on all cylinders left too many chance for Pete and he finished well. 

Blaster v JK. JK was left with a finish but last 2 yellows and black were on the cushion. this is the worst place to leave JK. 2 doubles potted on colours and he was on his 3rd double for black. Just missed this one, but it rattled the pocket and flew down the cushion to other pocket! ouch. 1-4

Both teams on 5 so both picked again. blaster v Mark H is was. Blaster was potting well but failed to get over line leading to snookers time. And escape and snooker by Blaster led to a win for Erith 4-2

Doubles. Rat/Blaster lost first frame. Mop/Pinkie v Mark/Phil. Mark put on his potting hat and dished up a good finish on his 1st visit.  And last frame went to Oak too. 

Result: 2-7 Another poor result for Erith for second week in a row. A little bad run but basically Oak took out finishes better. so no complaints. Need to start focusing again. 

Match reporrt v Village Inn (Home)

posted 10 Nov 2016, 04:00 by paul williams   [ updated 10 Nov 2016, 04:01 ]

This is more a horror story (from Erith point of view) rather than a match report

Pinkie up first v Steve from Village. Littered with mistakes this match from both sides. Steve got over the line first.

Mop v glen next Mop broke and one ball down. A good break opened up and potted all the yellows, leaving a half table black. A horrible kick (quite noticeable as both balls jumped!) on the black caused it to go straight and miss. A good snooker by Glen which he then dished up with the 2 visits gained. 

Similar story for next frame As Sherwood looked to clear his seven reds and then miss a black. A few snookers later and some unlucky play from Sherwood and it was soon 0-3

50/50 match with Blaster match next but pressure was growing to get a frame on the board now.. But luck was playing a part here, there was some rolls going Village's way. A horrible miss on the black but white ended up going safe!  0-4

Rat played Dip. Looked like Rat had played a good safety in the end of the game. Only shot on was a long plant double ! Dip went for it and potted it off Rats ball! Things were not looking good. DIP did a good dish to finish from there tho. 0-5

Soon to be 6. More OSWs fault as he had 2 on the black and missed a simple finish. 

not sure we have ever lost 0-6. But scoreline could easily have been all square  or even ahead to Erith on balance of play minus luck/kicks. 

Mop/Proper got the first frame on the board for Erith in first doubles ! 

But no luck in last 2 frames cost us, and worst ever defeat! . The last doubles, glen from Village played almost a hit and hope, the white went all round the table and sat in corner pocket half jawing snooker on OSW's last yellow leaving no shot aprt from game losing one! 

Result: 1-8 loss! I am still unsure how it happened. Was a complete horror show. Hopefully the luck will even itself up over the season. Certainly none that night! onwards we go...

Match report v Halfway (away)

posted 2 Nov 2016, 08:06 by paul williams

The fish roundabout pictured here being installed back in 2008 . Caused some headaches as roundabout needed resurfacing last night. traffic everywhere, but we made it to lower belvedere just in time...  

Match started as always with Pinkie on our side, But Mark and Bert were delayed from halfway, so Pinkies normal partner Mark was not to be. Pinkie played Lim and was a very weird game. Match finished when Lim planted his last yellow onto Pinkies black and it doubled into the middle pocket.. Wasn't going to be Lims last fluke today either. 

Mop played in form Seep. Mop was in control and got a first half chance to win but failed to pot last colour. Seep failed to get a snooker (Table was playing a little slanty.. ). Mop finished frame off. 0-2

Will v Blaster . a fast attacking frame this one. Blaster got first chance and got to black but missed a long black. Will looked to have the game in his mercy but failed to find a good position on black and missed leaving Blaster to nick the win. 0-3

Peter played Sherwood. Sherwood likes the fast tables and this was the case again for another in for Erith 4-0

Rat looked like he had the frame win v Mark but snookered himself on the last ball. Mark then cleared to win Halfways first frame. 4-1

The tables were swapped on last frame Bert v OSW. It looked like Bert was cruising with 2 visits in hand. Missed a pot and position on his last colour and left Glen on black to senak the win. 5-1

Doubles. Mop/Pinkie v Seep /Peter . Mop/Pinkie had initial advantage. But a good snooker by Peter turned the tables and Seep finished well. 

OSW/Sherwood v Lim/Burt - Looked like Erith were in advantage again. but an escape pot by Lim on his last colour (Very good shot) and then an escape/pot on black (Fluke this time) won Halfway 2nd Doubles

Rat/Blaster sneaked the last doubles as Rat then Mark threw away guilt edged chances, leaving blaster to pot black for win.

Result: 6:3 win for Erith. A good away win v a good Halfway team 

Match report v Railway boys. (Home)

posted 24 Oct 2016, 11:43 by paul williams

Up first the ever dependable Pinkie v Billy. Close match, Billy had pokcets covered but gave pinkie 2 visits. Pinkie tried to cut plant his ball over Billy's to swap pocket but it didn't work, leading to easy finish for Billy next visit. 

Mop up next v Kyle. Kyle didn't punish a couple of misses from Mop early on, Mop took out a good finish to clear after that. 

The Johns up next and 2 more wins for Erith D. Rat is now only 100% win singles left in team. 

Glen lost (again) and some good potting by Proper got us to 4.

Mop/Pinkie took first doubles and got us to 5. Proper/Rat made it 6 and Sherwood/glen won us the third doubles,! We dont do that often! 

Result: 7:2 A good win and we are starting to play some decent pool. apart from Glen :)

Match report v runners (away)

posted 12 Oct 2016, 09:09 by paul williams

Tough venue to play a. Fast table, hard to control balls, strong pool players. 

Pinkie as always up first v Brendon (or Brenda)  Brendon looked on finish to 2 colours to pot. Potted first and left toughish half table last colour to pot, but somehow missed the ball completely. 2 shots to pinkie who got another win. 

Mop v Phil. Mop was just ahead in match, but tough black was left short over pocket, but Mop had good white on cushion leaving full length pot for Phil to go at his last colour. Phil missed and simple black to win for Mop. 2-0  

Paddy v sober Sherwood, (tooth infection/anti biotics). Paddy loooked on form and took a good finish 2-1

Rat v Simon. Rat had pockets covered and had advantage and he took control through to a good win. 3-1

OSW v Eamon. All fun and games this one. Rerack first go as black was in pocket and covered by 2 yellows. So neither player was going for pots so reracked. Eamon had first half chance but black was always going to be tough. But missed the tough black and by a big margin, enough so it found a pocket in other corner pocket! 3-2

Only 5 as no blaster this week. They picked Sherwood to play again v John. This time Sherwood upped his game with a well taken finish. 4-2 after singles. 

Up first Rat/Pinkie v Brendon/Eamon. Rat looked to have it with 2 visits on black. Knbock black into middle of table with first but had to play some back spin to makes avoid in-off for middle pot.. Miscued and alsmot doubled the black!  just stayed over pocket for Eamon to clear up! I did say it was tough to play spin on these pool balls. 

Mop/OSW v Simon/Paddy. Only one player actually got to play this 4 forusome! Simon correctly guessed coin toss. Broke and then dished up! Wasn't an easy finish either.. was a good display of potting. Cue ball control is not really possible on this table! 

And suddenly a 4-4 decider again! We looked in control at 4-2 after singles. 

Sherwood/OSW v Phil/Gibs. Phil stormed off potting everyhting in sight but failed with 2 colours to go. OSW got a snooker that Gibs failed to escape. Sherwood to the rescue and dished up 6 reds in one visit.. Who needs 2 shots! 

Result 5:4 win. Looked to be cruising at 4-2 but shows how quickly a miscue and great break/dish can turn a match.. Always a great to go to Runners and get a win whatever the score.. They are playing well as well.  

Match report v Jolly Millers

posted 29 Sep 2016, 09:26 by paul williams

Yet to register a win. Season wasn't starting great so time to make ammends for that. 

Could a home game v newly promoted Jolly Millers get us a win. 

Up first pinkie v Erg. An even contest that went down the black. Pinkie missed a black to middle and it ended with a half table straight black. Looked all over but Erg somehow missed it letting Pinkie carry on his winning streak.. 

Mop v Tony. Mop went for game but snookered himself on his last colour. A lucky escape and pot gave him a tough long black to win which just rattled. Tony tried to snooker but failed and left a roll-in for Mop

Sherwood kept up his winning ways with a frame v Tyler. Blaster got his first singles win under his belt with a well taken finish v Lee. Rat was playing well and made it 5-0 v Mike. 

OSW looked a bit nervous but Peter looked even more nervous. OSW made it 6-0 

Mop took out a good finish in doubles to make it 7-0

Mike/Peter v OSW/Blaster. Mike looked to have won the frame but just missed the black. Left a tough chance for SW who looked like he had done all the hard work but failed to cut the yellow in letting Peter take first frame for Millers. 

The Johns sealed a 8-1 in final doubles. 

Result: 8:1 First win and a healthy score. Millers didnt play that bad but we just nicked a few vital frames . onwards and upwards.. 

Match Report v Dukes Head (away)

posted 22 Sep 2016, 07:11 by paul williams   [ updated 22 Sep 2016, 07:32 ]

Off to crayford for our first away match at new promoted Dukes Head. 

Small table, but was good speed and level. But cushion shots are very cramped and the cushions themselves were lets say unpredicatable! Or the laws of physics didnt seem to apply to them! 

Pinkie upfirst v Landlord Jim. Nip and tuck frame. Jim looked to have got good chance to win, but in potting his last ball the white found the pocket too. Pinkie used the 2 to finish. 

Mop v Colin. Dry break left Colin in charge of table and he controlled the table from then. But he couldn't find the finish and left himself 1 ball to mops 6. 2 snookers later, Mop had 2 visits and cleared. 2-0

Jamie up next for a replacement of Rat. close game but Dukes head took win. Which got them on a run as Blaster and OSw were beaten as well 3-2

Late boy Sherwood got final singles win after Dukes head player failed to pot about 3 easy blacks! 

Pinkie/Jamie got another win curtosy of Jim going in off again. 4-3

Colin got his revenge v mop in doubles 4-4

And OSW/Sherwood failed to find a win in another 4-4 decider.. 

Result: 5:4 not a great start but tough place to play. But a great new team to play who we enjoyed playing against. 

Match report v Crayford social (home)

posted 15 Sep 2016, 03:07 by paul williams   [ updated 15 Sep 2016, 03:07 ]

New season - no changes in personnel or location. Let's just do one better than last season.. 

We start the game with same team we played last last season.. Oh how the fixtures roll.. 

Pinkie up first and a scrappy frame v Ian Cruwlys. it swung one way then the other then back and back again.. But a good couple of pots at end took it for Pinkie to get his account off with a win. 

Up next Mop v SLKPA team mate Geroge Cov. A half chance for both. Mop took a down the rail if it dropped, it looked like a simple finish and george had a ball tucked up. But mop missed the rail shot and it rattled and opened up the safe ball for Goergoe! Hows ur luck! Simple finish for Georges level. 

Sherwood played newbie who looked like he might be making numbers up for missing Gibbo. Easy win for Sherwood. 

Rat played Scot and both missed a glorious chance each. Rat didnt miss his second 2-1

Blaster v Porter. Fast potting frame and blaster was potting well but balls didnt break well for him. Porter took out half chance finish with ease when he got to table. 

OSW v Craig. Craig missed first half chance. A couple of good pots by OSW looked like he sealed the win, a simplish half table black for win. But managed to rattle it and gave game to Craig. 3-3

Rat/Pinkie lost first doubles. Mop/Blaster squared it up with a decent mop finish. 

OSW/Sherwood v Scot/Newbie. On paper looked like we should win this one. But a few fluffed shots by erith players left it close. and simple missed  finish by OSW cost us dear. 4-5

Result: 4:5 Not the best start but not fully on form and a strong side we played. long season to go 

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