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Reports from Moppy and Captain Power on the Erith Snooker Master8ers pool games...

Match report v Halfway House (away)

posted 21 Feb 2018, 13:35 by paul williams

Up first Pinkie. Do I need to always say that? Maybe I can use UFP from now on

UFP v Steve Heather. I think Steve fancied his chance at knocking Pinkies 100% crown off. 

Cagey match. Looked like Steve H had advantage, but it slowly slipped away. Both had chances both threw away chances. At the end it was gifted to Pinkie  
1:0.. Pinkie makes it 16 in a row. League record?? Probably.. He deserves a trophy.. amazing record..  Certainly a spot in Karen bell play off.. 3 ahead with only 6 to play 

Mop following next played Dav again,. Same match as home fixture. Same result, Mop escaped a few snookers, and a slip up from Dav going in off and Mop dished up with a lovely deep screw on last colour to get perfect position on black. 

Sherwood failed to beat Pete

Rat beat Will but could of easily gone either way. 

OSW and Baz lost to Seep and Andy 3-3 again 

Mop/Pinkie took the first v Seep/Pete

Was back all square after Rat/Sherwood doubles. 4:4

Last frame decider. OSW had black to win.. But fluffed his lines and it was a 5:4 loss after that.. 

Result: 4:5 loss Tough away match, we needed to be on out toes and we were not and it cost us.. How much we will know at end of season. 

Match report v Oak B Home

posted 21 Feb 2018, 13:23 by paul williams

Short one as this was 3 weeks ago. So have forgotten most details! 

Didn't forget first frame though. 

Pinkie v Dave P

Pinkie came out the traps quicker than a greyhound on steroids out a trap. 
Bang bang bang. Was unlucky to not finish on first visit with a tough 6th yellow would f meant a break dish. He got another shot and finished well. 

Mop up next and got gifted several goes at finish. He took it about on the 3rd attempt. 

Sherwood made it 3-0. But it then went down hill. 

3-0 to 3-3 after singles. 

Pinkie/Rat made it 4-3 . But went it went 4:4

 Sherwood to the rescue taking out a good finish to win night. 

Result 5-4 Close match in the end. Didn't look like it at the start

Match report v Crayford arms A

posted 5 Feb 2018, 14:36 by paul williams

Away to crayford this week to our old Erith A stable mates. 

Pinkie took on long haired Steve. Steve went tactical route as normal., but Pinkie can play that game and a slow game slowly went to Pinkie. 0-1

Mop v andy. Mop off form and missed about 3 chances to finish. Easy dish for Andy but somehow missed the easiest of blacks to gift a win to Mop. Who says Pinkie get all the luck. 

Sherwood and Blaster took the next 2 in no time at all, with Proper Kev and OSW bringing up the rear but still winning... 0-6

Crayford Arms then started to play. 2 good finishes in doubles got them 2 points. With Blaster and Mop winning a doubles. 

Result: 7:2 win. Gifted a few frames which gave us an easy night of pool. 

Match report v Ship (home)

posted 17 Jan 2018, 14:12 by paul williams

We had a close match at the ship. And they have a couple of good players and tacticians. 

Up first the ever reliable Pinkie.. Bit of a tense match this one. for the opponent, Harman the pressure of playing top league team and the 100% man who is top of the averages. Pinkie perhaps the pressure of keeping up the winning streak. Pinkie did gift Harman 2 shots mid way through game. But Harman failed to take it and Pinkie didnt need a 2nd invitation to take another in.. 13 on the bounce.... 

Mop always chasing. Didn't take long (2nd visit) to 7 ball Max who looked a bit shell shocked. 

Baz up third v Joe. this was going both ways. Baz got to black first and had a half table pot to win. but hit it a little too hard and it didn't take in pocket. Joe got the first point on the board for Ship

Sherwood got over his blip last week when he couldn't pot anything.  to beat Dan

Rat lost to Dan, and Glen help up the rear-gaurd and beat shellshocked Max who got a couple more shots this frame after being picked again. . 


Blaster/Mop took the first doubles and made it to 5 
Pinkie/Rat lost 2nd but sherwood and OSW won the last to make a respectable win 

Result: Another 6:3 win. Ship played well, but just didn't have the depth of team and only 5.. Week off for trebles next week. 

match report v Brewers a

posted 14 Jan 2018, 03:47 by paul williams   [ updated 14 Jan 2018, 03:48 ]

Local derby time. They have upper hand as they beat us first game of season.

Up first pinkie as normal, playing Stave K. All out attack from both player.s Steve K adopted a more attacking game after playing WR for a few seasons now. And he is potting well. 

Pinkie had first chance but missed a tough black. Steve K then went for it but position let him down on 2nd to last colour and went for a tough shot but missed it leaving Pinkie easiest of blacks for 1-0 and a winning run of 10! Very impressive. You deserve that Saveloy.. 

Mop up next v Steve Pearce. Steve beat Mop in singles in first game of season with a very good first visit finish. Mop played well and exacted revenge in similar manner. 


Baz no. 3  was back on form and got us to 3-0

Sherwood up next and he had been playing well and had 100% win record although half the number of frames as Pinkie. After missing about 3 gilt edge chances to win. He had a long tough black he potted it but the white found the pocket too! 3-1

Rat not to be out saveloy'ed by Pinkie won his frame well. Followed up by OSW winning last frame to take night 5-1 in singles. 

All doubles fell our way. With Pinkie, Mop and Rat playing well to finish their frames with good finishes. 

Result: 8-1 win puts us back in form and good start to long half season towards finish line. Can we stay up top of table. Who knows. But we will have fun trying. 

Match report v Runners B (away)

posted 14 Jan 2018, 03:23 by paul williams

Sorry late reporting for this. one. Xmas got in the way. 

so memory is a bit hazy. 

I do remember first frame. 

Pinkie was up first. Close frame both playing well. Pinkie was on dish but went in off on his last ball to give 2 visits and simple dish to his opponent. Was his unbeaten going to end.. The guy had 2 colours left and black in middle table. First one potted leaving straight red to corner, somehow he missed the corner ball, but he left it in the pocket. No harm done he had 2. Next visit he pots the red in corner but white travels towards the middle and in. How it got there i am still unsure. But Pinkie rides his luck here, but makes whole half season unbeaten. What a great feat. 

Mop up next and win his. Baz hits melt down and misses simple finish and loses his. 1-2. OSW and Proper were off form with only Rat evening up singles 3-3

Up first runners played a superb first doubles and won it in 3 visits. 4-3 down! 

Mop/Sherwood up next and looked on form. Just missed a long black for a tough finish. It looked all over as 3 reds were over cushion and no easy snookers with black near pocket. . But a double turned into a trebles, then a missed cut looked to have lost them frame. but no it run behind the only other ball on table to leave snooker on black. Mop escaped but reds were now all open and frame was lost! how did that happen. Lady luck paid its part there.. Maybe cancelling out Pinkies first frame! Who knows. Osw played well to finish last doubles

Result: 4-5 Loss. Didn't see that one coming after playing well v top teams and RunnersB haven't won all season. Was more an off time for a few players and a bit of luck/unluck was all what was needed

Match report v Railway A home (xmas jumper day)

posted 13 Dec 2017, 14:37 by paul williams

Firstly I apologise i have no photos..

We all looked good. although Baz and OSW were undercover...

As for Pool another good result. Performance wasn't as great as past few weeks but sometimes winning badfy is all you need. 

Pinkie and Baz got prize for luckiest wins. Mop got a fluke which he capitalised well on. OSW was only loser in singles. 

1st doubles Railway unluckily foul potted black on 2nd visit. 
Billy dished up nicely with his own fluke on last colour in 2nd doubles. 
And we finished strongly in last frame.

Result: Another strong win keeps us flying high. Long way to go yet tho. Next week is halfway through. 

Match Report v Royal Oak

posted 11 Dec 2017, 14:18 by paul williams

Another big match time v Last years winners Royal Oak..

Up first Pinkie v JC. Pinkie had advantage and went for it first but failed to take it. Leaving easy snooker time for JC, which gained I'm 2 shots and he got his bad ball out and looked to have won. But on his last colour he back spun into the middle pocket! Happy days for Pinkie and the only player in league left on 100% singles..

Up next Blaster v Paul Clements. All potting match. Blaster failed to get on his last colour leaving a tough finish which Paul C took well. 1-1

Mark H v Proper went our way. Proper is on a bit of a good run. 1-2

Battle of the Johns next. JK v Walters AKA Sherwood. Sherwood came out on top to increase the lead and keep his 100% win ratio. But only played 4. . 

Avery v Rat was a tactical battle could of gone either way but Dave came out victorious to keep Oak in match

OSW took the last singles v picked again JK as Oak only had 5.  

4-2 up on singles. 

Doubles started with Oak Johns beating OSW and proper.. Was this another one we lost all the doubles. 

Nope it wasnt. as Baz and Sherwood took the next with Mop/Rat pairing also taking the last

Result: Another  good win 6:3 puts us on top of table. Nearly halfway through season and we are all playing well. Long may it continue. 

Match report v Crayford social

posted 25 Nov 2017, 05:21 by paul williams

Big game time. Both on same'ish point up top of league so whoever wins shoots ahead  little . 

Up first pinkie as normal. Played Darren porter. Tension might of played a part here. Worst frame of the night by far,. Pinkie had about 4 attempts at black. Darren didn't seem to want to pot his ball or lay a decent snooker. Pinkie too a decent full table black at the end. 

Mop v George. Mop had a couple of  half chances to win which he spurned. George laid a one cushion snooker which Mop managed to not escape and leave simple finish for George. 1-1 first singles lost for about 4 weeks in league! Trust Mop

Sherwood had too much potting for Steve King who seemed a bit out of sorts. 2-1

Proper Kev looked done for when his finish fell down on last colour and Scott had a lot of balls to snooker behind. Kev kept in there and Scot went for one snooker too many as Proper escaped and potted his last colour then doubled the black for good measure! Nice finish

Rat v Aaron. Rat had upper hand and kept it to finish in frame. 

And OSW v Gibbo. Gibbo missed some pots that let OSW in, and OSWpotted his way to the finish. Wow 5-1 singles. That's 17 wins out of 18 in singles in past 3 league matches! Trust mop to let the side down! 

Doubles looked like our normal dismal when we lost the first. But we picked up the last 2

Result: Expected a 5-4 either way here but we powered ahead in singles. Amazing what a bit of confidence does. A great 7:2 win puts in the driving seat. but early doors and lots of pool to play yet! Including away to last seasons league winners Oak A next week. 

Match report v Village Inn (away)

posted 10 Nov 2017, 14:46 by paul williams

2 weeks on our travels. This week at the Village. 

Normal order for us. Pinkie up first and he played DIP. DIP looked good for the win as Pinkie had trouble finding the speed of the clothe. DIp dished up . Half table black but put a little too much gear on the white and it flew into the pocket when potting the black. No lucky Dip, but a lucky Pinkie.

Close game for Mop v Steve . Mop taking a good clearance in a tight game. 

Sherwood back and playing well. and it didn't take him long to get into his potting stride. 
Kev M was in same vein as looks good for his 5 wins this seasons.  Wow 4-0 
Rat and OSW make it 6-0 for the second all singles win in 2 weeks. Possibly a first there in the league 

This time we took some doubles as well. First went to Mop/Pinkie who didn't look in trouble, 2nd was gifted to us with an early foul black pot by Village.
Village won the last

Result: Another 8-1 Another 6-0 singles but this time followed with some doubles wins. that puts as top. But early days yet and a tough Nov fixtures. 


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