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Reports from Moppy and Captain Power on the Erith Snooker Master8ers pool games...

Match Report v Crayford Social

posted 27 Apr 2016, 05:22 by paul williams   [ updated 27 Apr 2016, 08:17 ]

This was a straight fight for 2nd place in league. Unless Royal Oak have a complete meltdown with last 2 games, 1 which they will probably get a walkover for anyway 

Whoever wins this night gets 2nd place.

Up in new look first place was OSW, playing Barry. Barry was in no mood to hang about, bang bosh bang and all were down pretty quickly. 0-1

Pinkie up second v Ross. Georges missus questioned Pinkie sexual preference.. All in a days work for Pinkie. He dispached the frame and question quickly to make it 1-1

Sherwood v Ian next. Ian won but can't remember how :) 1-2

Blaster v Scot and some good end game tactics by Blaster led to score going even again. 2-2

Rat v Dan. Rat had chance of getting Karen Bell place with this game. He didn't know about this before the match, perhaps i shouldn't of told him. He looked a bit out of sorts and missed a very easy finish, He tried a double on black but it squeezed and stayed in pocket to leave Dan a roll in. 2-3

Mop wanted to play Gibbo to return the favour of earlier in the season, when gibbo wanted to play Mop. An unlucky in-off by Mop led to half chance for Gibbo. He failed to get last colour. Advantage Mop which he took to finish after a foul by Gibbo. 3-3 All square into doubles.  

Doubles we went all out attack mode as we decided to do some post pool karaoke. And it worked. 
Pinkie/Rat v Barry/Ross - Pinkie took out a nice finish in a very open frame. 

Mop/OSW v Scot/Steve - Mop/OSW just went for pots and Mop had some fortunate caroms but good potting took out a lovely finish in his 2nd visit. Job done. 5-3

Blaster/Sherwood tried to go for everything but kept getting snookers,. So a DF ended that. Was a dead rubber with nothing to play for and was wasting drinking time with a cab waiting! 

Result 5:4 win. We played well v a strong crayford team. 2nd place guaranteed. Mop in Karen Bell final and Rat in play off for it with Barry and Steve S

Player stats have been updated with previous years and graph.. Stato

Match report v Erith A (Home)

posted 22 Apr 2016, 06:59 by paul williams   [ updated 22 Apr 2016, 07:00 ]

Home v our stable mates Erith A . They beat us earlier in the season so we knew it was going to be a togh match up. 

Up first is Mop who got to play Steve. Mop breaks and good open break, went for dish but failed to get postion on plant on last 2 balls. Steve snookered and got 2 visits but failed to clear up and left easy finish for Mop. 1-0

Pinkie v Andy next. Tactics match due to a congested bottom pocket. Pinkie gets a couple of half chances takes one to get to black but tough'ish black as white is tight on cushion. just squeezes the black Andy dishes up 1-1

Sherwood plays mark which you wold of expected a very open game. But Mark seemed to want to go defensive, Sherwood gets a sniff of a win and pots some good balls to win. 2-1

Blaster v Pete, led to another home win with some good confident pots by Blaster 3-1

The ever dependable Rat makes it 4. this is his 9th win in a row. Great run of wins. 

Osw looked a bit shaky and lost to Ryan. Who potted some good balls.  4-2

Pinkie and Sherwood combo to start with produced 1st doiubles win. Proper Kev and Rat got a 2nd. But mop and Blaster failed to get 3rd after Mark got his potting boots back on for Erith A

Result: Only a 8-1 9-0 would of kept us in title race. But a win is a win :) 

Players score have histroy tabs now back to 2007! and a chart of singles win % over the years! 

Match report v Northheath Social

posted 15 Apr 2016, 04:35 by paul williams

Off to the social club for us. Our team looked youthful in this place! 

Up first Mop and he had his potting boots on v Dan C. A couple of visits and it was all over to Mop. 1-0 to Erith 

Pinkie up next v Jane next and Pinkie took no prisioners to make it 2-0 in no time at all. 

Sherwood up next and he didn't get much chance and Ryan took out a nice finish. Both good potters. 2-1

The ever dependable Rat next and it was soon 3-1 v Dan

OSW looked well out of form and missed several chances tat eventually cost him. 3-2

Only 5 as we had a man down due to Man Flu.... Get well soon Blaster

Sherwood got picked to play again. he played Dan S and Sherwood potted well and won 4-2

Pinkie and OSW made it 5-2 in first doubles. 

Mop/Rat looked to be flying. Mop almost dished of dry break, Rat just couldnt get to last ball in his visit. Jane potted some lovely balls but it was Kev that took out a finish. All done and dusted in 1 visit for each player! 

Rat/Sherwood took the last

Result: 6:3 A couple of lax singles frames cost a big result that was really needed at this time in the season. A win is a win but bigger wins are better :)

Match Report v Village Inn (away)

posted 7 Apr 2016, 03:38 by paul williams

A new cloth and balls and the Village Inn table was playing very nice. 

Up first was mop v Steve. Mop looked to be cruising but a couple of missesjust left just black in table for him. Steve tried a couple of snookers but failed on one and mop potted long black. 

Up next revived Pinkie v Lucky DIP. Dip had first chances and probably should of put away one of them. Pinkie produced a lovely snooker to get 2 shots, but he failed pot the black with the 2 and Lucky Dip earnt his new nickname. 

Similiar story in frame 3. Jim should of dished up. Let Blaster back in who got a snooker and got 2, but he also failed to dish with the 2... 

Soon to be 3-1 down as Sherwood failed to win

Rat and OSW won the last couple of singless to draw even... All to play for, 

Mop/Pinkie failed to convert their chance in doubles to go ahead. 3-4 to village

5-3 down next after Rat/Blster failed to win also. 

OSW won the last to keep score close. 

Result: Far to many missed dishes to win this match for Erith. Village played well and deserved the win. 

Match report v Runners (Home)

posted 24 Mar 2016, 03:57 by paul williams   [ updated 24 Mar 2016, 04:01 ]

Home game for us. And a must win to keep pressure on Oak/Crayford for title race. 

Up first v Moppy. V Simon D. (Simon always picks to play me and we have a good atacking battle). Mop to break and nice open break, not going to be long this frame. Mop gets a good chance and clears well down to black, but misses an eas'ish half table black! Ouch... Simon dishes very well to black but also misses. Mop fails to take 2nd chance too! Was still a little rattled by first black miss! Simon takes black this time! 0-1

Pinkie up against another of his nemesis players Phil. (How many does Pinkie have!)  Pinkie on front foot after good break,  a couple of misses by Phil and Pinkie slots in a cut to middle. 1-1.. "It's not a game of chess" comment by Phil afterwards was a little wierd as there was no snookers by either players! 

Sherwood v Mick. Mick had good chance to dish up, but a bad miss cost him, as Sherwoods potting game is on form and he dished up. 2-1

Blaster v Gurbs (Paul W name sake). Was a nervous game with a few misses. Gurbs crossed line first 2-2

Rat up next. See you tube vid of one of Rats earlier games in the 80's.... 

But Rat is new on form player for Erith. Recorded his 6th win in a row. 3-2

OSW failed to take last v Brendon so all square into Doubles. 3-3

Mop made up for his failure in singles, and took out decent finish when Phil went in-off

Pinkie's new good form got us the 2nd doubles and night win. 

The 2 Johns were a little nevous in last frame and wanted an easy chance. They waited too long and Mick pulled off 2 lovely doubles to nick the frame. 

Result: 5-4 win. a win is a win as they say. More points were probably needed for title challenge but a loss would of been a killer. Just need to win the last 4 to put some pressure on Oak who have game in hand over us. 

Match report v Royal Oak A (Away)

posted 17 Mar 2016, 06:41 by paul williams   [ updated 17 Mar 2016, 06:48 ]

A 1st v 2nd match up. And must win for Erith D to close the gap to leaders. 

Up first Mop v Mark.  A few slack shots by mop led Mark to get 1st chance, Mark failed to dish leaving himself on 1 ball. Another slack shot by Mop led to Mark not being snookered. Mark pulled off a "very"  fine cut to pot last colour and white was left with long straight black which he also potted 

Pinke up second v John C. An in-off by JC led to a good chance for finish by Pinkie which he took. 1-1

JK v Sherwood. You expected a very attacking frame with these 2 at the table. JK decided to go cagey and a few snookers later it paid off with a JK win. 

Rat v Clements. Clements had 1st chance but he failed to take it. Leading to Rat to mop up for win. 

Phil v OSW was a close match. Went down to tight frame and tippy tappy on last couple of balls and black. OSW had tactical advantage and he carried it through to victory. 

5v5 so Both to pick again. Oak picked Pinkie so Erith picked the player he had just beaten John C. Same result again an Erith win

4-2 after singles to Erith

Soon to be 5 as Pinkie/OSW took the 1st doubles v Mark/Phil combo. 

Mop/Rat sparred it out v Clements/JK. snookering JK conjured up another tuck up to get Paul C a chance which he took. 

Pinkie got picked yet again to partner Sherwood. Or shall we call them KevWood to play JK/JC. Pinkie had a chance to get his 4th black but he failed and JC got revenge 

Result: 5:4 victory over leaders is obvsiouly a great result. And we top the table but the Oak have a game in hand. At 5-2 shame we couldn't nick a couple more.. 5 games to play. It's going to be close i think... 

Picture below is what Fatherhood does to you... or was it Sumbuca. Who knows.. 

Match report v Duchess

posted 9 Mar 2016, 09:42 by paul williams

Up first Moppy in new order by captain. 

Dry break then a miss by Lee, led to first half chance to mop. Snookered on last ball he escaped and potted only to be jaw snookered for an easy black pot. Missed escape should of led to Lee win but he failed to pot easy black on his second visit which let Mop off the hook. 1-0 with a mop win. 

Pinkie up 2nd and his new postion led to some confident potting and 2-0 lead v Rob.  

Blaster up next and a game that swung both ways more than a 3 year old on a swing. Blaster failed with 2 visits to pot the black and Paul B cleared up on his visit. 2-1

2 Johns for Erith both had close battles that really could of lost but both given a lifeline that they took. 4-1

OSW made it 5 with a controlled game. 

A couple of fouls by duchess made first doubles match easy work for Mop/Pinkie. 

And similiar stories in last 2 doubles, with mistakes coming from Duchess players leading to Erith Wins. 

Result: 8:1 win was a great result and needed as other top league teams had won by same margin. Next weeks game v leaders Oak is critical to our season for league win. 

Match report v Eardly (away)

posted 26 Feb 2016, 09:24 by paul williams   [ updated 26 Feb 2016, 09:25 ]

Great Harry had moved to Eardly. Not sure of the politics of it. But it wasn't for a better pool table that is for sure! 

Not trying to be a pool snob. But the balls were about 20 years old, the cue ball had more craters than the moon, cloth wasn't too bad quite fast. But table also rolled to left :(

Still it didnt change result of Captain Kevs result. Another loss to his tally. Someone needs to tell him there is no wooden spoon comp.. 
Quick fire Sherwod got us on the board. 
Blaster let a good postion slowly slip away to give 2-1 to Eardly. 
Mop played a controlled frame but snookered himself on black. Luckily an escape and pot saved his blushes. 
Rat stepped up and produced another good display. 
Followed by a OSW at number 6 to give us 4 singles wins. 

Doubles and Mop/Pinkie first frame. A good cross double and black pot proved Pinkie still has some pool to play. 
Blaster Rat failed to secure 2nd frame but OSW/Sherwood got us to 6 on a tough table. 

Result: 6:3 good rsult on a tough table. Shame we have to play again on it next week in cup KO! hopefully same result to get us through to semis

Match report v Halfway house (home)

posted 10 Feb 2016, 07:33 by paul williams   [ updated 10 Feb 2016, 07:35 ]

Always a tough/fun match and they came in numbers.  

Disclaimer. Reporter was on Codiene for the match and parts are a bit hazy! 

Up first as always was the Pinkie v Marc battle. a few mistakes by both but Marc gets over the line first, 0-1

Mop v Liam was another match up that happened earlier this season at Halfway. Liam potted a lovely long yellow then doubled black in the first match at halfway after Mop missed the black. This time Mop had first go at finish after Liam fouled. Mop missed his chance and looked like he had given game away when going in-off on an escape and pot next visit. But Liam didn't take advantage and left mop with a tight shot on the black which he potted. 1-1

100% Proper Kev up next v Steve Heather. This game didn't last long as an open break and Mr Heather having his potting boots on. It was over in a few visits and Proper Kev had last his 100% run. 1-2

Blaster got us back level in a potting frenzy v Seep. No saftey in this frame and was all out attack. Blaster missed a chance and looked like Seep just had to pot half table yellow to win. But no it rattled and Blaster took win. 2-2

Rat v Bert next.  Rat wasn't taking any prisioner he didn't let Bert in at all and took out a good finish. 3-2

Glen v Will last singles. Will was on top early frame but failed to take his control to win. Glen then had pokets and ball covered, got the 2 visits but failed to convert that to win as well. All got scrappy and Will took out Black after Glen missed  pot to middle. 


Blaster/Pinkie v Dav/Seep 

Close frame and Erith had first decent chance to win. But Pinkie got snookered on last colour in pocket and this lead to loss... 3-4

Rat/Proper brought it all square again v Will/Bert 4-4

Mop/glen v Marc/Steve. Seesaw frame that contorl swayed one way and then the other. Both teams failing to take their chances. Erith got down to black first, although not pottable got a snooker behind it which lead to Glen finishing next visit. 

Result: 5-4 win to Erith. Apart from Rat and Heathers frames, all other fames could of gone either way. Was good for Erith to just sneak this match. keeps us winning and chasing Oak and Crayford.  

Match report v Railway (away)

posted 2 Feb 2016, 05:08 by paul williams

Off to Slade Green in a 7 seater for us. Nice to be out of club as seemed to have not played an away match for ages! 

The ever dependable Pinkie up first v Billie. Pinkie missed first chance when he failed to get shot on black. Got another chance with a fine cut a few visits later. But in-off the white went as well. 0-1... Ever dependable.. 

Mop up next and a dry break from Rolo left Mop in control of table and who never really looked back. 1-1

Sherwood up next and played Kyle. Kyle really should of taken his first chance, but failed to pot black. Good potting got Sherwood the win 2-1

Rat up v Kid Josh.. Josh played some good pots but not really got cue ball control needed as yet. will come for sure. ,  Rat made it 3-1

OSW up next and played Steve K. Could f gone either way but OSW took his chance the best 4-1

Blaster v Chris last singles. Chirs gave Blaster 2 and he only needed 1 to clear up thte table with a good long pot to start. 5-1 

Only the lonely had been cued up for the lonely loser.... 

Doubles, was 1 to Erith and 2 to Railway. 

Result: 6-3 win turned round the earlier loss to Railway this season. Good singles, bad doubles for us again. If we want to improve in the league we need to win more doubles. onward and upwards....

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