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Reports from Moppy and Captain Power on the Erith Snooker Master8ers pool games...

Match report v Railway (away)

posted 2 Feb 2016, 05:08 by paul williams

Off to Slade Green in a 7 seater for us. Nice to be out of club as seemed to have not played an away match for ages! 

The ever dependable Pinkie up first v Billie. Pinkie missed first chance when he failed to get shot on black. Got another chance with a fine cut a few visits later. But in-off the white went as well. 0-1... Ever dependable.. 

Mop up next and a dry break from Rolo left Mop in control of table and who never really looked back. 1-1

Sherwood up next and played Kyle. Kyle really should of taken his first chance, but failed to pot black. Good potting got Sherwood the win 2-1

Rat up v Kid Josh.. Josh played some good pots but not really got cue ball control needed as yet. will come for sure. ,  Rat made it 3-1

OSW up next and played Steve K. Could f gone either way but OSW took his chance the best 4-1

Blaster v Chris last singles. Chirs gave Blaster 2 and he only needed 1 to clear up thte table with a good long pot to start. 5-1 

Only the lonely had been cued up for the lonely loser.... 

Doubles, was 1 to Erith and 2 to Railway. 

Result: 6-3 win turned round the earlier loss to Railway this season. Good singles, bad doubles for us again. If we want to improve in the league we need to win more doubles. onward and upwards....

Match report v Oak B (Home)

posted 13 Jan 2016, 12:32 by paul williams   [ updated 14 Jan 2016, 01:19 ]

The match of Kevs....

Oak B time to come to the Erith Snooker.. 

Up first was the first of the Kevs (Pinkie) v Davey.. Close match but a missed black by Kev cost him dear as Davey snookered then cleared.. 0-1....

Mop v Mike and a few mistakes by both players. Mop got 2 after Mike snookered himself, Mop finished with roll-ins 1-1

Blaster up next v Steve Smith. Blaster had a half chance but failed to take it, and Steve S doesn't give many chances away and potted a good clearence. 1-2

Proper Kev(2nd Kev) v Oak B's Kev (3rd Kev) next . 2nd Kev potted some good balls early doors and carried that on to beat 3rd Kev 2-2

OSW v Adam next and OSWs potting game was too much for Adam. 3-2

Both had 5 so fittingly Kevs were picked to play again. 

So 2nd Kev (proper) for the second time played 3rd kev (OakB Kev) ... Same result, a win for Kev. 2nd Kev for the 2nd time.  4-2

Doubles OSW and Blaster met Steve S/Adam, Commentry was being supplied by Davey.. SteveS on form again 4-3

Mop/Pinkie (1st Kev) got over the finish line with some solid play. 5-3

So last frame was Kev and Kev battle in doubles, with addition players of OSW and Adam. produced another win for 2nd Kev (proper) 6-3

Result: A fun night, Davey pool commentry deserved a mention... A good win 6-3 and the Kevs enjoyed themselves.... 

Match report v Crayford social (home)

posted 6 Jan 2016, 06:00 by paul williams

Another home game..  v a good team Crayford who are currently second in league. 

Pinkie started first v Barry the SLKPA recruit. Barry started brightly but failed to get to last 2 colours. Pinkie had a chance to control table but failed to get advantage and Barrys very good long game helped dish up 0-1

Mop up next v Gibbo. Very eventful frame. Dry break by mop but 2 pockets were blocked by both colours led to tactical match for probably the more attacking of players in the teams. Mop slowy wrestled advantage and got 1st chance but failed to get to black. Gibo got lucky with a few misses and lucky snookers on black! (again!) and he did get his chance but went in-off on second to last ball when it looked all over...simple black for Mop 1-1

Sherwood v Ross next. Ross had control and went for it. But missed position on his last colour and Sherwood finished his 5 yellows + black with ease 2-1 

Scot v proper Kev. both looked very nervy. Kev held it together best and got the win. 3-1 Very nice start like last league games. Surely we can't throw it away like we did with Erith A

Rat v Dan next. Break dish was on for Rat but just failed to cut last ball to middle. A few snookers later and Dan did well to take win 3-2

Only 5 so captain Kev picked Scot to play again. Scot looked determined to make up for last loss and potted very well to beat our OSW.   3-3

Doubles time ( Don't panic mr Mannering!)

Gibbo broke and opened and potted the pack very well. Looked simple dish but he failed to pot an easy middle. Pinkie tried to cover pocket but failed. Then Ross pulled of an amazing finish to win! Which sort of shocked himself from his comments afterwards! 

Momentum was in Crayfords favour and pressure on Erith now.. And we folded like a badly made submarine. 2 in-offs with simple finishes to win cost us both frames. (Sherwood and OSW the culprits not naming names.. ok i did!)

Result: Not quite half season for us as we have game to play. But 4 losses and no big wins sort of puts us out the running for league now.. Time to focus on the cups as they say ;) far too many mistakes as a team.. Less pressure i guess now.. Who knows...

Match report v Erith A

posted 5 Jan 2016, 07:52 by paul williams

Home derby time. And 3th straight home game (although we were away team ) after home draw in Team KO. 

Up first Kev and a confident finish produced a good win. 1-0

Mop up next and looked good for a finish but missed a longish black to corner, but it stayed in pocket leading to a few snookers. Managed to escape 2 leaving black in pocket and finally got a shot to finish it. 2-0

Blaster took win v Mark from Erith A . 3-0 going well! 

Sherwood up next and was a little off form. But Erith A player played well and deserved his win. 3-1

Rat up next and looked to put the game away with easy black. But somehow missed it but it bouced of cushion and off Steves red to go in opposite corner! 

4-1 up and a little bit of luck. 

Glen up last but failed to take win. 4-2

Mop/Pinkie next. Pinkie in off looked like it sealed the deal for Erith A but they failed to captilise. Mop dished up the 6 yellows but left long black. Squeezed it again and it sat inviting over middle pocket. 4-3

Erith A played well next frame to take it into decider! 4-4 which really didnt look on the cards at 3-0 and 4-1 tith Erith D

Rat and Sherwood looked in control of frame. Sherwood played last colour out and left white safe looking like Rat would finish next visit. Steve from eirth A fluked the next ball. doubled 2 more and manage to get on black to take a very lucky and likely finish! 

Result:. 4-5 loss.. this was an amazing turnaround. One of those times the finish line is just tough to get over! How that game was lost from 3-0 and 4-1 i will never know. 

Match report v Northheath social (home)

posted 9 Dec 2015, 04:35 by paul williams

Newly promoted team to play. Always good to welcome new team

Kev up first in singles and he was very welcoming. Giving them 2 shots after 2 shots.. it was like xmas had come early for Dave C. He gratefully accepted and took the first frame for Northheath..  

Mop wasn't as welcoming and took out a nice finish on his 2nd visit to table v Jane. 

An off-form Sherwood next and although Ryan gave a few opps to Sherwood he didnt take them, and Ryan got Northheath 2-1 up.. 

100% Porper Kev up next and he didnt want to lose his 100 record. He recorded his 3 win out of 3 in singles.  

Rat up next and he was in blistering form in practice. But a foul break left all yellows open with 2 visits for Guy from Northheath. He didnt take them but he was always on top for the frame and just got the vistory. 3-2

OSW up last and squared the scores up with a well taken finish v Dave S

Mop/Pinkie first v Dave C/Guy. A foul by Guy let Mop have an easy finish to get Erith up to 4 wins. Although Mop thinking he had rolled the black in his first visit went to shake hands with opponent, but the black didnt actually drop! Oops. 2nd visit it did! 

2 other wins with well taken finishes by Sherwood and then OSW got us up to 6-3

All done and dusted by10pm! 

Result: 6:3. Some off form singles frames caused us from not posting a higher total. Need to start picking up some bigger wins if we ae wanting to challenge for honours....  Another home win though. 

Match Report v Village Inn (Home)

posted 25 Nov 2015, 08:15 by paul williams   [ updated 1 Dec 2015, 02:35 ]

I apologise for missed  match report last week. Wasnt a great performance by us and it turned into a 7-2 loss at the tough Running Horse table. We didn't play well or have much luck. (Black in off by Kev in first frame summed it up.) they played well and table made it a bit of a lottery on some shots. 

On to last nights game.

A tough match v 2nd placed Village Inn. 

Pinkie up first on his worst run of defeats since the start of time.. Or since he started playing pool which was about the same time as the dinosaurs ruled the earth. 
Pinkie v Steve Elison. Pinkie got a chance to win and nerves could be seen, but he held it together to clinch the win and first point on the board for Erith.

Congrats to player number 2 having his baby number 2. Steve Marsters. 

On to game number 2 is obviously good as it created point number 2 for Erith as well v Steve H. Although Blaster did try to stop that by snookering himself on the black.. But a good escape and snooker set up the win

Win number 3 came from in form Sherwood v Steve number 3. (Ellison) Was actually more Steve's fault as he planted the black with one of his yellows..  :(

Mop v Dip next. Dip had table advantage from Mop's dry break., but he failed to convert to a win and Mop slowly got back into the frame and took out a good finish 4:0 

A great start but a tactical frame by Jim v Rat turned the match and got Village's first win. Jim played well. 

OSW picked a steve to play again but Elison made up for his planted black earlier and took out a nice finish. 

Mop/Pinkie v Jim /Elison. Mop went for finish but black was never really open. A couple of chances sliped by for village pairing letting Pinkie pot a good long black to seal the win. 5-2

Last 2 doubles both went to Village for them to get to 4. 

Result: 5-4 win to Erith D. Which v a great in-form team v Village is a good result. but after being 4:0 up it seems a bad result. But another home win is always good ...
Quote of night: "I bet Kev is happy to get the monkey of his back.... "
Shot fo the night.. Kevs long balck in doubles to seal win and get his first doubles W of the league season! 

Match report v Royal Oak A (home)

posted 28 Oct 2015, 05:56 by paul williams   [ updated 28 Oct 2015, 06:04 ]

Very tough match up playing current run away league leaders Oak A. 

Up first our beleaguered captain Pinkie v Woody I mean Paul. Pinkie had first opportunity to dish but a bad miss to middle let him down. Woody got upper hand of table and it was over. Which was a theme of the night. 0-1

Dave Avery looked to have beaten Proper Kev but a bad shot and missed black cost him dear. Proper Kev cleared very well and kept his 100% singles record with 2 from 2 starts 1-1

In form Sherwood v JK. Potters paradise and the game was short lived and Oak got back in lead with a JK win. 1-2

Mop v Mark next. A good break from Mark and yellows were open. Mark went for dish but black unluckily went safe on second to last yellow clearence which stopped break and dish. Mop got a few reds out and snookered which eventually led to a finish. 2-2

100%ers up next. Both Rat for Erith 4/4 and Oaks Phil 5/5 were unbeaten this season. One record was going to be broken. Rat kept his after Phil tried to go for clearance but failed leading to Rat taking out his. 

JC was off ill for Oak. So OSW picked JK to play again. Tough call as JK had won earlier. But it was a good call as OSW got Erith D up to 4. 

4-2 singles. 

Up first Mop/Pinkie. Pinkies bad luck continued as an in-off cost Erith pair dear as Woody and Dave potted an easy black with 2 visits. 

Proper Kev was on form and some good potting got him and OSW over the finishing line v Mark and Phil. 

The 2 Johns last won as Rat produced a sublime finish to get a 6-3 win.

Result: A good home performance was needed and we played well to beat a very good in form Oak team. Still chasing, but league is close this season and i think there will be about 4/5 team looking for title this season. This early win was needed to keep in that group. All to play for. 

Match report v Great Harry (home)

posted 14 Oct 2015, 03:18 by paul williams   [ updated 14 Oct 2015, 08:30 ]

Still looking for our first home victory we entertained Great Harry pool team this time. 

Up first Pinkie v Danny from Harry. Tight first game Pinkie had a half chance for game but failed to pot his last colour to middle. One snooker later and Danny confidently cleared to keep Pinkie's bad start to the season going. Least it gives the team plenty of banter ammunition.. (not that it is really needed)


Sherwood up next and coming from behind is his speciality. And he did not disspaoint and continues his fine run of form. 1-1

Blaster up next and very scrappy game, But another win for Blaster and Erith 2-1

Mop up next and a good 3 ball plant opened up the frame for him and he went on to clear up.  3-1

The ever reliable Rat and OSW also did the business and got us to 5-1 win and also a chorus of Only the Lonely Rocked the erith Snooker hall for Pinkie. Stato is checking stats.. Sherwood was last only the lonely in last game last season. Pinkie is now the current holder of the only the lonelyTrophy.. 

Doubles up and the misery continues for Pinkie. Up first again but another loss :(

Scrappy matches for last 2 as well, but Erith manage to secure them both,. 

Result : 7-2 win gains our first home victory of season. good result and team played well.

Banter Quote of night goes to Moppy: After another loss added to Kevs name on sheet "Dave Leeds will think there is a Kev L playing for our team"

Match report v Halfway House away

posted 30 Sep 2015, 14:50 by paul williams

Back on the road again for Erith D boys, this time to Lower Belvedere, Halfway House. Always a tricky away macth due to a fast table and a few walls,bar, fruit machine that can be cue obstacles. 

But things were different this time. Yes the walls were still there but the table had slowed right down. Dare i say it to a normal clothe speed.. Yes i did say it.. 

Up first is the bi-annual battle of Pinkie v Marc. Both always go first and must be bored of playing each other. The victor this time was Marc as Pinkie lost postion on his dish and cost him dear. 

Mop up next to a very good new potter called Lim. Lim fouled by potting both colours mid break and let Mop in with 2 shots and table pretty open. But Mop failed on postion then a missed black,which cost Mop dear as Lim got back to the table and potted a lovely long red then doubled the black. 2-0 to Halfway

Up next Blaster with the Virgin Cue. New cue from cuemaker Jason Owen ( made its appearence. A very nice looking cue and it guided Blaster to his first singles win of the season v Seep. 

Sherwood v 'Angles Bert'. A foul let Bert in and it looked like it was curtains for Sherwood. But Burt snookered himself on getting the black out. He got out of the self made snooker and put black over the hole. Sherwood put Burt in another snooker but 'Angles' Burt used 3 cushions to escape and pot black. He ain't called Angles Bert for no reason... Good shot

1-3 down for Erith

Rat played Steve Heather next. Steve looked like he had game but failed to black. A snooker by Rat, Steve almost escaped but slow table stopped a good escape led to Rat dishing with his 2 shots. 
A similiar story to last frame too where OSW played Heather Junior (Will)


Up first again Pinkie and OSW. But 2 times doubles KO winner Pinkie is having trouble starting his winning this season and failed this time too. 4-3 down...

Bring on the Johns for Erith... playing Seep and 'Angles'. Sherwod dished up to bring it down to last frame decider... 4-4

Mop/Blaster v Marc/Steve . A flying white ball break from Marc and Mop should of dished up the open yellows with 2. But failed to get postion on last yellow. A snooker and failed escape from Blaster, Lead to Marc having 2 shots and just open reds to pot.. But Marc went in-off on 2nd to last red to gift the frame to Mop and Erith D

Result: 5-4 to Erith only ever leading on last frame! Any league team would happily take an 5-4 victory away at Halfway as its a quality team in a tough venue. Some good pool on display but was probably decided more by mistakes by players... week off next weke to reflect as we have a bye in team KO. Maybe some practice to eliminate the mistakes is needed. 

MOM goes to Jason Owen.. As his cue was the only one to win both frames for Erith ;)

Banter Quote of night goes to Les from Erith B. "I have bought a car for less than the price of that Cue" ;)

Match report v Railway (home)

posted 23 Sep 2015, 07:41 by paul williams

First home game of the season. 

Up first Pinkie v Billy. Pinkie got a couple of visits but Billy wasnt taking any prsioners tonight. Bang bang bang and good night Pinkie

2nd Kev up next who played Kyle. Kyle failed to get to his last colour, one snooker later and a good dish by Proper Kev. 1-1

Blaster looked a little tense in his quest for first singles win. A few missed shots cost him Frame.

But Sherwood high on confidence bashed them all in with another good potting display. 2-2

Mop looked a bit lack lustre, failed to get on the right side of his last coulour when he had half a chance. This cost him as Lee cleared up well when he got back to the table


And OSW failed to really start in his match and was well beaten. 

4-2 not a great singles 

Doubles started badly as well. Half chance by Proper Kev, which looked like it was going to be frame winner. But he failed to get perfect on black, which he missed and cost the Kevs dear. Simple finish for steve 

5-2 down. 

Last 2 doubles went Eriths way to keep the score respectable for Erith but we were beaten well in Singles. Railway played well. 

Result: 5-4 Loss. Not a great perfromance by the team. Sherwood on fire again, rest were just average and when a good team like Railway turns up and plays that is just not good enough. 

New award for coming season reports:
Banter of the night goes to Pinkie. 

"Lets see what you are made of?" Proper Kev asked Glen when he got to the table.. 
"Mostly Fat" Pinkie replied 

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