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Reports from Moppy and Captain Power on the Erith Snooker Master8ers pool games...

Match report v Duchess of Kent (home)

posted 29 Apr 2015, 04:45 by paul williams   [ updated 29 Apr 2015, 05:16 ]

Last game of league season was home v Duchess

not much to fight for,. A couple of singles winners places up for grabs was about it. 

Up first was Pinkie who had a bad start but winning 11/13 in last part of season made up for that, and the win in this match got a play-off place for last singles winners place

Mop up next and a close frame saw mop just get over the finish line, for his singles winners place and ended up equal 2nd. 

Sherwood carried on his losing steak! not really got the killer instinct in frames atm.  Time to start a fresh next season

Wins from the rest of the team got us to 5-1 and win for the night. 

But that was it, as we lost all 3 doubles again!! I guess nothing on them meant they didn't matter. or we were to pissed or we just lost them... I don't know.. 

Result: 5-4 home win. Not a great season, regrouping and look at personnel for next season needed.  Sort out some player issues and move on to bigger and better things. 

Match Report v Halfway (away)

posted 22 Apr 2015, 01:53 by paul williams   [ updated 22 Apr 2015, 05:53 ]

Always one of the hardest fixtures on the calendar. Mainly due to a good team of players, a fast speed cloth, the odd wall and fruit machine around the table and very shiny balls. The last one not really a hindrance i just thought i would comment on them.. 

So on to the shiny ball potting games. 

Pinkie up first as always, with Marc up first for Halfway (as always) Don't these 2 play each other every time! 

A tactical frame ensued, Marc had upper hand by had one ball tucked up. A miscue by Marc sent the white flying to a pocket and gave Pinkie 2 visits to turn the tables. A couple of shots later Pinkie took out a clearance with a shot to spare. . 

Mop up v new boy Dev. Dev played a foul when trying to get a covered ball out. Mop took out a tidy clearance with next visit

Kev M lost to make it 2-1, Rat pulled out a good finish to keep us 2 ahead. 

Glen was playing well in practice, but failed to take this to league frame. 3-2, and Rat got picked to play again and pulled out another decent finish to beat Burt in number 6 spot. 

4-2 up.. 

Erith lost 3 doubles, they were all close but halfway took the black first to gain a the victory after being down 4-2 in singles. 

Result: A good banter filled night of pool. A bit of a dead rubber in terms of team league position but some good pool was played by both sides. 

Match report v Brewers (home)

posted 15 Apr 2015, 06:34 by paul williams   [ updated 17 Apr 2015, 01:17 ]

Our old Erith b team come back to the nest... 

We gave them a warm welcome and quiet one, as Steve was recovering from a mild heart attack earlier in the week! Hope he keeps the good recovery going. 

On to pool. Pinkie up first v Martin. Pinkie fell short with one ball to go. A few snookers by Martin, but on one escape Pinkie gets out, caroms his yellow of a red and pots his ball into the centre bag, Whilst the white is left perfect for the black! How's your luck ;) 1:0 

Mop up v Leon next, Mop plays it cagey and finally gets his chance which he puts away. 

Kev M, Rat and OSW all follow suit with wins and in no time it is 5-0

Both teams had 5 as holidays for Lee and Sherwood 

So Kev M and Martin play again, old doubles partners. Martin comes out ahead to get brewers first frame. 

Mop/Pinkie and OSW/Kev M both win their doubles and gets us to a 7 score

Result : 7:2 . A good win and perhaps Sherwood would us helped get more on the night. But nothing really to fight for in league a 4th looks possible. 

Match report v Great Harry (home)

posted 8 Apr 2015, 03:55 by paul williams

Last few games left f season and most are at erith for us.

Tonight we hosted Great Harry team who have faired well in the top league this year after being promoted last season.  

Pinkie up first for us v Jack. 
A few early chances missed by both players, but pinkie pulled together a nice few pots to finish the frame. 
Sherwood up next and he came out the blocks flying.. Potted of break and went round and finished all the yellows. Left more of a cut on black than he should of. He cut it in but the white collided in to a red and doubled it in the middle! Ouch. Kelvyn won his frame without even taking a shot! 
Kev M next and lost to Bill who finished well 
Mop up next and a frame of a few lost white balls. 1 by each opponent.  But mop took out a good finish when he got a chance. 
Rat up and also knocked in his opponents ball like Sherwood when it looked like frame was his. Joe took out an easy finish. 3-2 to Harry
Glen up last and he lost to some good potting from Tony from Harry. 4-2 Harry.  

Mop/Pinkie won first doubles to get us back into touching distance. 4-3
The Johns then pulled us level to set up a final frame shoot out. 4-4
And the momentum just carried us over the finishing line as Glen made up for his previous loss with a good finish.

Result: 5:4 win. Which didn't look on the cards after singles.. mid table obscurity here we come :)

Match report v Runners (Home)

posted 26 Feb 2015, 06:55 by paul williams

Our local boys wandered across the road to visit us this week. 

Pinkie played his arch enemy Simon "Deadly" Deadman . just made that up on the spot. Not sure it is the best of nicknames.. Simon knocked him out of Singles KO in a close encounter of the Northheath table earlier this season.

Pinkie had first chance and but could not convert tough last couple of balls. Simon was back in and clearing the colours well. It looked all over with a simplish black. But no! missed. Pinkie back in and takes revenge and first frame. 

Mop up next and controlled the frame to make it 2 to Erith

Sherwood still off form continued his losses. But in-from Rat produced a lovely finish to get a 2 lead again. 3-1

A good rally by Runners levelled it all before the break

But Erith were out the blocks quickly in doubles. securing the first 2 doubles and getting the win. runners captured last frame to make it close.

Result: 5-4 win, Sort of as expected as only really half our team playing well at the moment. Runners played some good pool though and fully deserved their frames. 

Match report v Oak A (away)

posted 19 Feb 2015, 03:44 by paul williams   [ updated 19 Feb 2015, 04:00 ]

One of the toughest matches int he fixture but normally close. It was and wasn't

Pinkie up first and playing Mark. Pinkie had 1st chance when a snooker got 2 visits. But Pinkie snookered himself when promoting his ball out and failed to get out of his own snooker. Mark took out finish from there

Rat playing early up the list and it helped him. As he potted a good black to win v JC

Mop up next and had tough fixture v in form Paul Clements. Mop had break and potted which give him slight advantage which he mange to just keep and get to black first.

2-1 Erith

Sherwod, and proper both lost and proper lost his picked again match v Phil as we only had 5. We were missing the OSW. 

4-2 down.

Pinkie missed last colour in first doubles which led to snooker and loss of frame., and the oak mopped up last 2 doubles

Result: 7-2 to Oak. Far closer than score line showed but also Oak were good for their 7! If that makes sense. looks like mid table is our position this season! 

Match report v Oak b (home)

posted 4 Feb 2015, 06:47 by paul williams

sorry i missed the last couple of reports. 

A few weeks back i didn't see many frames in Duchess of Kent as you cant really watch the frames there.. We won 5-4 there. Any result on that tough table is a result! 

We then lost 7-2 v Crayford social. We didn't play well and got well and truly punished. 

Back to Oak game. We had our strongest side out now with a good 6.

Drinking Pinkie up first as normal. Playing Mike from Oak B. Mike was potting well but snookered himself on the black, this was all the in form Pinkie needed, A few pots later and 1-0 to Erith D. And a win streak of 5 for Pinkie...... 
Mop was on a losing streak of 3! Mop had first half chance but missed a cut while trying open Black up. Dave from Oak B had 6 open yellows. He potted 4 but the 5th rattled leaving a simple finish for Mop to get back to a single win.. 
Sherwood looked out of sorts and wasn't really in the frame. 2-1 Erith
Proper Kev played a good frame and got a deserved win. 
OSW failed to win v Steve C, but Rat pulled of a lovely finish to beat Steve S, 

4-2 Erith

Mop/Pinkie fresh from doubles win in KO last week. Pinkie had first half chance in frame. And took out some good pots and decent black to take it first chance,. 5-2 
Kev M/OSW. OSw was back on form and potting well. He looked to have taken the frame but the black wobbled and failed to drop. Dave and Adam had no thought f trying to win the frame from this point. they played snookers to see if Erith would fail pot the black. this wasn't working so they went for the re-rack. they got this. So balls re-racked and this time when OSW got a half chance he didn't miss the black! 

Johns up last and they left Steve Smith fro Oak B a half chance to clear. he took it out with style. 

Result: 6:3 win. Back on form v a tough side this season. pinkie on fire. Mop might of turned his mid season blip around. Rat looked on form. Lets kick on from here. Oak A next.... 


Match report v Halfway house (home)

posted 8 Jan 2015, 07:27 by paul williams

Back after the xmas beak and it looked like not everyone at erith had got pool ability in their xmas stocking..

Although could this be the year for Captain Pinkie..

Up first v Mark. Mark broke and potted the white. Table had split nice but you still need to navigate round the table. Pinkie played a flawless first visit and dished up. 
Up next Sherwood v Heather. another shoot out frame. Sherwood missed a couple and Steve didn't. 1-1
Mop next v seep. Mop attacked first potting a few balls but got stuck with 3 to go. Seep then took out 6 but missed rail shot on last ball leaving Mop back in. A bad miss from Mop should f cost hoim But Seep missed black to middle So mop got back to table with very easy finish.. But a ball not in centre of middle caused it to jump back out and cost him frame and his first league loss for many a moon.. 9 from last season and a run of 9 start of this season. 18 straight wins. Oh well back to 0 again for Mop :) Perhaps captain Pinkie will be on a run now... 
Losses for Proper Kev, Darren and OSW afterwards had lost us the night in singles. All had chances and quite close, but just couldn't finish them like Halfway did. 

Doubles Wasn't much better. Proper Kev and Darren played their doubles well but everyone else might f wished Santa had left them more chalk....

Result: 2-7 loss Ouch could be a long 2015 season for erith D. Perhaps everyone needs to work on finishes. time to rebuild

Match report v Brewers away

posted 11 Dec 2014, 03:58 by paul williams

It was time to go and see our old friends Erith B. they left last season to find a pub atmosphere. 

The brewers is where they landed. 

And to be fair. the table didn't look great, on the fast side but it was level and played well. 

Was always going to be a banter night as we had Darren playing for us now and he use to play for Erith B/Brewers

So Kev turned his banter level up to 11. We also turned the Jukebox on to Rock the pub setting :)

This seem to have inspired us and 1 by one the away team kept notching up wins. Certainly the best team performance by us this seasons. 

All the singles we won. Some obviously were close, but we took the chances well we each got us a win. 
6:0 by sandwich time and Kev had found a Banter level 12 setting! 

We carried on in the same vein in doubles and soon we had our first whitewash for many a moon. A stato man like me probably should know when we had the last one. A quick check showed none last season. 

Result: 9:0. Great team performance. Need to say no more :)
MOM: Had to be Darren. Tough to play old team and he gets some stick but he played well to get both wins. 

Match report v Great Harry A

posted 26 Nov 2014, 07:30 by paul williams

A return to our old haunt. We use to play pool from Great Harry many moons ago. 

Would it be good experience. In short no. More like a horror movie. 

Up first was Pinkie. Looked like he was on for a finish but a kick or bad positional shot left him just off straight on last ball down the rail. He potted it but lost the white to behind the black. A missed snooker then cost him the frame. 0-1
New boy capped Darren up next and was a little nervous on his first outing for Erith D, and he slipped to another defeat. 0-2
Proper Kev followed as well and suddenly 0-3 down! 
Mop up next and he managed to put the first frame on the board for the away team. 3-1
Rat potted the black in his first visit, shame all the other 14 balls were still on the table when he did it!  
OSW saved the match being lost in singles and put number 2 on the board for Erith. 

Doubles, we won the first to actually get back to 1 behind. But Mop/Pinkie lost next to lose the match. With only OSW and Proper Kev to get us up to 4 for the night. 

Result: Another 4-5 loss. This could be a long season! 

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