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Reports from Moppy and Captain Power on the Erith Snooker Master8ers pool games...

Match report - Crayford rugrats (home)

posted by paul williams   [ updated ]

After a nice long break of pool and reports we start again for a new season! 

Season has some change of personnel. 

Stephen 'Blaster' Marsters - Off for a season loan to the Frank Smith League playing for Falconwood club. 

Proper Kev - Owns the Erith Snooker Club. always handy ;)
Sladey - John Slade. Local pool mercenary as back up player. Could be very helpful addition

Match started with Pinkie v Gibbo. Bit of a role reversal here. It was Pinkie out potting the gibbo to start with.. But Pinkie got stick on last ball and Gibbo then entered tactics mode to gain advantage and win.

Mop up next v Aaron. Dry break by Mop gave Aaron choice of colours, but he didn't make it pay and Mop turned the advantage around and got the win. His 10th consecrative singles win in the league...

Sherwood gave 2 shots away when trying to dish from break. Ross from Crayford took out his colours and black well with the 2 visits.

New boy Proper Kev pulled off a lovely finish v Scot. Proved he will be a valuable addition to the team. 

Rat lost after he got stuck on last ball like Pinkie. Couple of snookers later and an easy finish for Gavin.

Karen Bell winner Glen didn't get off to a great start. He met an in-form Dan Lovett who potted everything. Well jawed the black... But he escaped and potted a very tough escape next visit to make up for that... 

2-4 down. Not a good start 

But we showed some fighting spirit in Doubles. Mop should of cleared on his first visit but left a tight rail shot to get to the black. Few snookers later and Pinkie pulled off a lovely escape and snooker. Ross failed to get out of it and it was a simple finish for Mop   

OSW/Rat should of lost as Scot had simple black to win frame and night. But somehow missed it! I don't think we will see a bigger miss all season! Thanks Scot

4-4 but the tide had turned. Proper Kev and Sherwood eased past the finish line for shocking win

Result: 5:4 win. How we escaped with a win I have no idea. Very rusty performance. We need to improve to challenge for the title. Proper Kev played well and Mop was very solid. 

Man of Match: Close call between Dan (Crayford) or Proper Kev. But would go for Proper Kev as he won in both singles and doubles. 

Match report v Oak B away

posted 8 May 2014 07:47 by paul williams

We could still win league in this final match, we needed a big score to have any chance if Halfway failed to win at home v Railway

This soon became apparent this was ging t happen. Our starting 2 misfired again..  Sherwood losing to inform Steve Smith, who qualified for Karen Bell with this win. TBH didn't help when Sherwood fired the ball off the table with his break and failed to get out of a snooker in his next visit! .   

Pinkie lost the advantage in his frame when he went in/off getting out a simple snooker. Although it was a good dish to clear up with the 2 shots. 

Mop up next and his opponent went all guns firing from the break and failed to pot his last colour. A few pots and and simple snooker later led to mop getting clearing to get top spot in Karen Bell 

Blaster followed suit to win next frame to make it 2-2 and the Rat made it 3

OSW picked Aaron to play again as Oak only had 5. Aaron was fired up for this frame and beat OSW 

Only doubles winners to play for as we could not win enough frames to win league. 
Didn't start well here. As Pinkie/Sherwood combo still weren't firing as they lost first. 

Mop/Blaster v Dave/Steve S was a good match. Mop got first chance to go for it, got striaght on black but with only half a pocket to sneak though. He failed to get it, as it snicked the yellow before pocket. Leaving a simple finish to Steve S. But no Steve failed to pot black leaving black in pocket for Blaster to win. 

All down to last frame. Glen/Rat left picking down to Captain for second player from Oak B. A strange choice by Pinkie was Steve Smith... Everyone was a little miffed by this choice. Perhaps it was reverse psychology by Pinkie..  Which i'm afraid it didn't work as Steve Smith dished up a tricky clearance.. ummmm

Result: 4:5 loss to finish the season! Not the best team performance ever with added strange choices to boot.  Perhaps pool fatigue set in.. I don tknow. We need to get over this and regroup for finals coming up. 

Still to play

Trebles Semi final next week for Pinkie, Mop and Sharon at Oak v Oak A team
Doubles final Pinkie/Sherwood v Phil T/Mark H (Oak)
Karen Bell final for Mop and OSW

Match Report v Crayford Social (home)

posted 30 Apr 2014 06:55 by paul williams   [ updated 30 Apr 2014 08:28 ]

Our last home game of the season. Although we have hardly left home for the last month as we kept drawing other Erith pool teams

We were also down to 5 as OSW was poorly. 

Up first were Sherwood and Pinkie for Master8er's as normal. And i'm afraid the result were normal as well. 0-2 after Sherwood lost to Scot Shepard and Pinkie lost to Ross. 

Mop up third and got the first point on the board for the home team. He was gifted 2 visits after Adam Hewson potted a white and one of mop's yellows when trying to open up some balls. Mop gratefully received and dished up. 

Blaster v Gibbo next, and Gibbo had first shot at black. But it hit far knuckle of middle pocket and stayed up. Blaster cleared up his yellows but left it fine on black, and could not pot it either, leaving simple finish to Gibbo. 

Rat brought as back to 1 behind with a controlled game v Dan. 

Both teams picked again as both were at 5

Sherwood v Dan:  allowed the home team to draw level. 3-3

Doubles and Mop/Blaster and Sherwood/Pinkie won the 1st two doubles to secure the win. But we failed to take the third double

Result: A win is a win but we have not scored big enough to challenge Halfways title lead. We have still a slight chance of title, if Halfway fail to win over Railway next week. But it is only a slight chance. Karen Bell side OSW and Mop are now equal top at 16 with Marc from Halfway. All three are through with probably Steve Smith (Oak B) if he can win next week

Match report v Erith B

posted 23 Apr 2014 07:02 by paul williams   [ updated 23 Apr 2014 07:06 ]

A local derby with a bit of a bite...  Erith D v B . Not much love lost here! 

We were lucky to sneak a 5-4 early on in the season in this fixture. 

We played on bar table this time. Which is our home table. But it wasn't behaving. It had been reclothed a few weeks back, and has been playing ok.  But a few quick shots on it, and it had slowed to a snails pace. Not nice to play on. Maybe change of temp had slowed it down, or it needed a good iron. But it was the slowest table in the whole of div 1 now. Not good, hopefully we can speed it up somehow for next week. . 

On to the frames and it our starting pair of singles failed to notch again. Both Pinkie and Sherwood are lacking confidence in league games and it shows, the difference between practice and league frames is noticeable. They lost to Lee and Dave to leave us trailing 2-0

Mop took his winning streak to 7 in a tactical match v Martin. His winning streak has taken him to a place in the Karen Bell. Currently sitting 3rd in rankings. (behind Halfway Marc and our own OSW)  But there is no I in team Mop has been told, and more importantly it got the first frame on the board for Erith D 

Blaster had 2 frames.; The first was a rerack as both Blaster and Steve K would not knock the black of the cushion in a black ball game. So a re-rack was called due to the crowd getting restless and wanted pots! Blaster missed first chance at black and it cost. 1-3 down. Not good! 

Luckily we haver a solid rear end :) OSW and Rat both won their frames to least give us a chance of winning this vital match! 

3-3 after singles. We needed more but least we were not behind!! 

Mop/Blaster won the first doubles., to put us in the lead for the first time. 

Controversial doubles match next. Pinkie/Sherwood v Martin/Steve.  Pinkie rolled up behind a ball. As it was a slow table and it was rolled to dead weight behind it. You had to be watching closely to see if it touched. I wasn't, so didn't see either way. Pinkie didn't say anything, leading to Martin questioning whether it hit or not. Pinkie took offence to being questioned as he said he would call a foul if it was.  To be fair I have never seen Pinkie not call a foul when he knew he fouled. As we had no ref Martin had the right to ask as well. This encounter seem to put off Pinkie more , but Martin did pot a very good black to win.  4-4

Luckily our good rear guard saved the day again with a nice finish by the Rat in final doubles. 

Result: 5-4 is a win, but we needed more points as this was a chance to catch up on the leaders. Especially as the Oak had done us a big favour by pegging back Halfway by beating them 5-4 . Missed chance again. Still it is not over yet. We are 4 behind with 2 to play. Hopefully the winning line is difficult to cross! 

Match report v Erith A (away)

posted 16 Apr 2014 05:09 by paul williams

Local derby 1 of 2. 

A team first and up first in this derby was Pete v Sherwood. 

Sherwood played badly, it was just lucky Pete played badly for us. Sherwood managed to grasp a win somehow! 
Next frame was Pinkie v Andy and 2 visits later it was over. Pinkie was taking no prisoners and potted everything in sight. 2-0
Mop up next v fellow Hammer Ryan. The Mop Hammer won the battle in a good frame.    3-0
Blaster next and he continued the Erith D dominance with another win v Vince,after Vince failed to get position on black, leaving simple snooker and clearance for Blaster . 4-0
Mark from Erith A bucked the trend v Rat. Rat should of dished up and left jawed the black. Mark is Erith A's best player and showed his class to clear the table. 
OSW kept his Karen Bell hopes alve with another win v Jamie. 

Doubles:  Mark blotted the Erith D book again in his, after nicking one of the doubles for Erith A

Result: 7-2 is a great result but we are still chasing the mighty Halfway House. Can we stop them taking the title? All we can do is keep winning but with only 3 matches left.. time is running out. 

Match report v Village Inn (home) KO team semi final

posted 9 Apr 2014 06:30 by paul williams   [ updated 9 Apr 2014 07:41 ]

Both teams in sight of final So both teams would be up for this game so we didn't expect 7-2 victory we did last month v Village Inn. 

Up first DIP, (who dumped Moppy out the Singles KO at semifinal stage) who played Sherwood. Sherwood broke and went in/off. DIP looked to clear but got stuck on last ball. A snooker by Sherwood got him 2 visits, but he failed to clear with 2 as well. DIP back at the table, who potted a delightful long double to get to easy black and win. 0-1

Pinkie up next and v Pat. Pinkie went for game but also broke down on last ball and gave 2 away. Pat didn't take any prisoners and dished. 0-2. Not a great start for Erith D. 

Mop up next and up v Steve Elwsorty. Steve failed to get out an early snooker by mop. With an open table he cleared nicely with 1. 1-2

Blaster v Steve Ellison. A double Steve feast . close game but Blaster managed to stay one step ahead in the potting/tactical game and took black first. 2-2. Back on level terms. 

Rat v Mark. Mark produced a good game and equally god finish to beat the Rat. 2-3. Behind again! 

OSW v Gooner next. And probably a pivotal frame. Gooner looked to be on a good finish and got to a half table straight black. 4-2 down would be a long way to come back from for Erith D. But he missed it, and then another easy'ish black next visit which cost him the frame. As OSW finally woke up and played some decent shots!. 3-3. dodged a bullet there!

Pinkie/Sherwood v DIP/Pat - was the DIP show again in first doubles, as he showed he pedigree with a great finish again when given half a chance. 
Blaster/Mop v 2 Steve's! (How many Steve's are there! ). 2 of the 3 of the Steve's didn't get a shot though. As the non Steve playing in the 4, produced a stunning finish from the dry break by the Steve that did get a shot.. Mop made up for the dreadful performance he produced last week. 3-3 Back on levels again

1 frame shoot out time now for team KO final place. . 

OSW/Rat v Steve/Mark .. OSW got first half chance with 2 visits but fell out of position.  And then gave 2 shots away himself. An easier finish now for Steve H. But pressure might of told and he wasted his 2 visits and left a finish for Rat which he took well! 

Result: 5-4 was as close as you can get. Village played well and it was down to a flip of the coin at the end. or perhaps Erith D held their nerve a little better.. final is v Halfway as is the title race this season.. Bring it on.. 

Match Report v Railway A (home)

posted 2 Apr 2014 06:02 by paul williams

We were on a home run for the league title. 5 games left and a point in the lead. 

Railway were probably our hardest opponents left and they were up for it.

First game was Sherwood v Billy. Billy broke and was on the attack. He didn't let Sherwood have much chance. In 2 visits it was all over to Billy. 

Pinkie up next v Steve Ba nd the game swung back and forth and Pinkie got 2 visit and got to the black with it. But jawed the black and snooker himself. He failed to get out and Steve had 2 visits. Which he almost threw away a few times. He got down the to black and smacked it in. But the white jumped of the bed of the table on to side of the table, but bounced back on to the baize! 

Blaster up next was a close match but Railway took this one too.

0-3. not good at all.,

Mop up next. And threw away about 6 chances to win the game. Gifting 2 shots to Steve K when potting his last ball getting to the black. It must be over! But no Steve K decided he wanted to throw it away as well. He left a double black which Mop took. Worst game ever would of been pronounced by comic book guy in Simpsons! 

Rat up next could this be the start of the change No. Railway took out an shocking finish! It was good, but also got to say probably got a little run too. 

OSW up last and played best of the night for Erith D. Took a controlled game to beat Kyle. 

Not over yet but no good at 4:2

Only OSW/Rat won in doubles. 

Result: 3-6 loss. Our worst result of the season. Not a good time to get it, as Halfway jumped back to top with an impressive 8:1 over Village Inn. Not over yet but we have to be on top form in the final 4 games to catch halfway. Up next Village inn in semi final of Team KO

Match Report v Duchess Away

posted 26 Mar 2014 08:48 by paul williams   [ updated 26 Mar 2014 10:27 ]

Off to probably one of the toughest venues to play. More for the table than the opponents.

speed cloth and a little wonky. With a few cramped shots.... but as they say both teams have to play on it... But it is a bit of leveller skill wise.

Sherwood off first and he say he likes speed cloth. He proved us right as he won the opener again.

Pinkie and Mop next make it 3-0. But both were fortunate. Mop with the black and Pinkie with an inn-off from his opponent.

Luck turned the other way next game as it looked Rat would win. A hit and hope by this opponent turned into a great snooker with the black in the pocket. Rat failed escape and game was lost.

OSW next and perhaps the pressure of being sole top scorer in the league took its toll. He didn't play well and lost.

We were down to 5 again as Wobbler and Blaster could not get out. So picking again. and this weeks lucky player was the Captain again... :) He is a favourite to be picked again...

He took this as it should be, to prove them wrong. And potted a gorgeous black to win the frame.

4-2 up in singles.

Doubles and we were back on form with a tally of 3 again.

Result: 7-2 is another good result. 11 league win. We have also beaten every team in the league in a row now. And brought up our 100th frame win.. Also went top by ourselves as we gained a point over Halfway.  A good night was had.. Dare we believe????

Match Report v Royal Oak A home

posted 19 Mar 2014 07:39 by paul williams   [ updated 19 Mar 2014 08:30 ]

It's the 2nd time the current league leaders pop down to Erith Snooker to play the D team.. Could we repeat an overturn again?

Captain decided to mix up the 1st player this week. Sherwood got the nod. He was on fire last week potting anything on the table in practice, and said he liked playing first. so he got his chance.

Sherwood v JK first which was going to be a quick fire game as both like to pot balls, and both can do that well. Sherwood potted confidently and managed to take the game.

Next up Captain Pinkie v Phil. Another break for Oak as they won both tosses so far. Phil potted on break and took out a few more but failed on one down the rail. Table looked tight and not an easy clearance but Pinkie was on fire! no luck needed here, he didn't miss a shot or position and cleared on his first visit. A captains performance to lead the troops.

Mop up next and another loss of the toss so Dave Avery got to break. My god the Oak were having some luck with the tossing! Dave got the first chance to get to the black. He left himself a simple pot on his last colour  but position to get to the black wasn't easy. white came of 4 cushion to leave no direct pot of black. it left a long double which was close but didn't go in. Mop had simple clearance to win which he did to make 3-0

Very good start to the match for Erith. No luck we just took out the finish when we could.

Blasters next playing current leader of Ranking Mark Hill. Blaster up to break. Finally some luck on toss and we get to break! Blaster potted and got control of table. Went for yellows and broke down after a couple of pots. Mark slowly turn the tide of the table by covering a vital pocket, and got to go for clearance first. Mark cleared reds but left a long'ish black. He failed to pot this black leaving a tough looking finish for Blaster, with pressure of black hanging over pocket. Blaster potted first 2 well and left a long yellow to basically win. *BANG blastered into pocked at speed. Game to blaster 4:0

4:0 what's going on here!

Rat v Clements was another good clash. Rat got first chance to go for game. He missed one yellow ball, but it came of 2 cushions and went in different pocket! What an amazing bit of luck!!! Could he capitalise on it? .. No. I'm afraid not. He tried a plant on last 2 yellows which failed. This left a very inviting finish for Clements who took out his colours with ease. But again position on black wasn't good. Left a tough pot which rattled and almost got potted with white knocking into it.  Rat took out his colours and simple black to make it 5!

OSW up next who is joint leader with Mark in ranking playing JC. Tight'ish table with a few balls tucked up after break. But somehow and I looked and thought it didn't go, OSW played a 3 ball carom which opened up the whole frame for him which he promptly dispatched! Nicely done and no fluke..

Bang 6:0 all singles won!

Doubles next. Bit of a scrappy one and memory is failing me. But I do remember seeing Pinkie pulling off a tough finish to take the frame. 2 very good finishes for the Captain

Mop/Sherwood v Dave/JC. Avery breaks again and pots and on for dish. He leaves tough yellow on rail to last. Get to it but doesn't pot it and leaves it over pocket. Mop up and gets out tough ball for red and leaves snooker in good old Rules style pla.  Tough snooker, only escape is a full ball swerve for JC who does produce a quality shot, pots yellow and leaves long black. He misses this leaving Shwerwood and inviting table to clear. Declines snooker option and goes for it, but fails. Leaves a perfect double black for Avery. Which he promptly takes and pots to cheers from the Oak team in relief I think!

Last frame could of gone either way. Oak had first good chance but again rattle the black. A snooker and failed escape leaves Rat with 2 and clearance. Saves 2 for last red on rail. But he doesn't get it out well and fails to pot it on second visit, Last frame to Oak. 

Result: 7:2 win! Again we topple the leaders @ Erith Snooker. Last time we swapped the leaders as Oak took the reins. This time we get to hold top spot jointly with Halfway as they smashed a 8:1 win v our sister team Erith A. 7:2 a justified scoreline for tonights match? I think so. We pulled off some very clinical finishes, Pinkie, OSW and Blaster to name 3. Yes Oak had chances in frames. But is it us being lucky they rattled these blacks or bad play by Oak? My view: I don't think we were lucky..  6 games to go. All to play for now.. Lets play pool....

For mini clip fans.... Erith snooker have just been awarded 

10th league win in a row :)

Match report v Running Horses away

posted 5 Mar 2014 08:13 by paul williams   [ updated 5 Mar 2014 08:15 ]

Luckily this was not one of the pubs that Sherwood is banned from, as we only had 5 tonight as Wobbler was with a sick child( Not in a Jimmy Saville way ) and Rat had dodgy Knee..

Team was playing well at Erith Snooker but the 5 minute walk down the hill past the old police station (Sherwood was probably locked up there sometime in the past ) must of knocked us off form as we could hardly pot a ball after that!

1-0 and then 2-0 down as Pinkie and Blaster lost to Mick and Simon D

Bad boy Sherwood up next and he proved he could win a frame if he wasn't barred from the pub....

Mop fell of the winning line as well. Got 2 shots but failed to make a finish after a 3 ball combination failed to drop. He was lucky he got another chance next visit.

OSW next and continued his winning form. And currently top of the rankings. Shows to Sherwood what you can do if not barred from pubs..

So to the best part of the night. the pick a player to play again. drum roll......... This time it was Bad boy Sherwood. Who promptly went on to win.

Bad start but 4:2 up on singles.

Doubles and Mop/blaster up first and a good double on black by Mop finished first to Erith.

The 2nd doubles slipped away and 3rd doubles was the finish of the night by Brandon of Running Horses. he took out a tough finish.

Result: A slippery fixture away to Running Horses. Happy with any win there to keep league title chase up. At 5:2 disappointed to only come away with 5:4, but we didn't play that well so will take win.  hopefully Sherwood wont get barred from any other pubs before next game...

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