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Reports from Moppy and Captain Power on the Erith Snooker Master8ers pool games...

Match report v Village Inn (away)

posted 10 Nov 2017, 14:46 by paul williams

2 weeks on our travels. This week at the Village. 

Normal order for us. Pinkie up first and he played DIP. DIP looked good for the win as Pinkie had trouble finding the speed of the clothe. DIp dished up . Half table black but put a little too much gear on the white and it flew into the pocket when potting the black. No lucky Dip, but a lucky Pinkie.

Close game for Mop v Steve . Mop taking a good clearance in a tight game. 

Sherwood back and playing well. and it didn't take him long to get into his potting stride. 
Kev M was in same vein as looks good for his 5 wins this seasons.  Wow 4-0 
Rat and OSW make it 6-0 for the second all singles win in 2 weeks. Possibly a first there in the league 

This time we took some doubles as well. First went to Mop/Pinkie who didn't look in trouble, 2nd was gifted to us with an early foul black pot by Village.
Village won the last

Result: Another 8-1 Another 6-0 singles but this time followed with some doubles wins. that puts as top. But early days yet and a tough Nov fixtures. 


Match report v Runners A (away)

posted 3 Nov 2017, 14:22 by paul williams

Up first Pinkie as normal but with a new opponent Brow. Brow had a god record but not as good as Pinkie 100% so far. Oh and Brow was wearing a Pumpkin suit 

Not quite like that. But it still didn't phase the pinkie and his 100% record continued. 

Mop up second as normal as well! Playing another new boy from Runners Ray. Looked like he can play and Mop had to go tactical. A Chinese snooker put Ray in a lot of trouble and ended in a foul and potting the black by Ray. 0-2. Poolcraft

Sherwood up next for his first singles frame of the year. He didn't disappoint by coming from the behind to clear well v Paddy.. oh err missus

Proper v Phil was a quick affair. Phil broke and potted the white. Proper dished up with the resulting 2 visits.. 

Runners were on the back foot now. And Rat took advantage and beat Simon. And OSW looked like he could play pool and beat Brenda. 

wow 6-0 singles. 

Pinkie joked it would end 6-3 at the break.. Or was that good pool knowledge. s it ended 6-3

Danny L cleared well to take first frame for Runners. 

Rat and Proper had a few chances but didnt take the, 6-2

And Brenda broke dished last frame...

Result: 6:3 win at runners is a great win. Disappointed as we were 6-0 but hey hoy.. 

Match report v Halfway (home)

posted 18 Oct 2017, 14:03 by paul williams

 Bill and Heathers team from Halfway over to our place this time. 

No sign of Burt/Marc for them since a in-house disagreement in our team KO v them last season

So up first Bill instead of Pinkie normal opponent Marc. 

Bit of Luck going for Pinkie this season. A fortunate pot helped keep his 2 shots to help him finish the first frame. 

Mop v Dav. Bit of a tactics frame. Edging one way then the other. Half chance offered to Mop which he gratefully took 2-0

Looked to be going all Brewers as Blaster looked like he had taken Stephen Heathers scalp next frame. Steve H failed to get to his last colour leaving a finish for Blaster. He got to a decent black but missed it to middle. Steve H then got a long distance black but missed that too . Leaving an easy black to the middle. But Blaster still reeling from last miss missed again!! Happy Birthday Mr Heather! 2-1

Proper showed some great form taking out some good long pots v Andy. And getting the win 3-1

Rat who could not lose in warm-up. Lost to Will in the league frame of night. Always the way!

And OSW looked to have a possible finish with 2 shots given to him by Pete. But first shot he produced a chip that tiger woods would of been proud of.. 2 shots over way. Thank you said Pete.. 3-3

Doubles . Close match first doubles. Pinkie/Baz v Bill /Pete. Pinkie got 2 shots and and was clearing up.. I think he forgot he had 2 shots nearing end of break as he was just going all out pots.. Missed the black by a mile. White slid behind a colour.. But fortunately black found a pocket!! The luck was with him tonight! 

Mop/Sherwood sealed match but there was a few half chances going around v the Heathers.. . 5-3

Blaster/Proper lost last frame to Andy&Dav

Result: 5:4 Tough match and any win was grateful. Halfway were slightly under strength which swayed it to us. and lets not forget Pinkie luck! 

Match report v Oak B (away)

posted 11 Oct 2017, 15:23 by paul williams

Up next Oak B. Sort of local derby now. But then again 70% of the teams are in Northheath so there will be a lot of them...

Up first as always. Does he not get bored going first.. 
It's pinkie..  

And he is starting like a whippet v Dave. Pinkie played some awesome shots to get to the black first, but couldn't find a hole for it.  Dave promptly hid the black every shot. But Pinkie kept finding it, making Dave go for it and he snookered himself and couldn't escape his own snooker. 

Mop v Steve C,. Always this draw... Mop normally comes away winning, which he did again but was close call after some good potting by Steve C. 

Baz in his preferred 3rd spot.. Although a few bad shots have let him down lately and it happened again letting Ken sneak the frame. 1-2

Steves up next . Blaster v Brummie. And some good potting all round but Blaster took the finish out after Brummie snookered himself on the black

Glen up last and he sneaked his first win of the season after Davey's black didnt have the legs to reach the pocket. 1-5

Doubles went all Brewers B way again for 2nd week in a row. that must be a record for us... 

Result: 8-1 win. Any win away is good but 8 is top drawer.. Was closer than score suggested as Oak B had some chances. Scores are steadily going up each week. 

Match Report v Crayford Arms (home)

posted 27 Sep 2017, 13:33 by paul williams

Match commonly known as Erith D v Erith A tonight.....

As always Pinkie up first, and showing a new lease of life on the baize, Pinkie makes it 3/3 in singles this season. Quickly dispatching Vince. 

Mop v Pete up next and a good finish by Mop made short work of 2nd frame of the night and led to a 2-0

Baz in his favourite position 3 might be changing his mind on the position as he lost for 2nd week in a row v Andy. 2-1

Rat v Mark was a tactical one. But both had chances at the end but Mark pulled of a good controlled finish when he could of snookered more. 2-2

OSW loss to Steve. Steve potted a black that i don't think will be beaten all season. 2-3

And new boy Blaster back 1st time this season. Produced a good win to level it out at 3-3

On to doubles which is normally our problem.. But Erith A I mean Crayford arms are worst than us at doubles and it showed again. 

All 3 going to home team including best dish of the night by Pinkie in 2nd doubles. 

Result: 6:3 win. Solid performance and table played well after I levelled it :) 

Match report v ship (away)

posted 26 Sep 2017, 04:50 by paul williams

Sorry for tardy reporting. Need to get back into he swing of things. 

On to match.. 2nd match if the season. First was a loss of 5:4 from 4:3 up v brewers a....some bad finishing cost us. 

Newly promoted team the ship was our first away match this season. I think the table was a 6:3 size table .. but room was restricted so all was a but tight. Table played well though. 

Up first pinkie and got down to black and then was  snookered alot. But the person couldn't finish so let pinkie sneak the black. 

Same story for mop on 2nd. Mop also gifted simple finish after a miss after 2 shots. 

They do like to play tactically . This went on all night 

Baz lost in his preferred position of 3rd
Proper sneaked a win v a very chatty woman.
Rat just got over finish line like mop and pinkie.
And OSW was a few years away from his wonder season.... And it showed for his frame. But a good 4:2 up...

But doubles was our downfall again. 
Mop/pinkie got snookered again. But a failed escape by pinkie cost frame. 
Baz decided to pot black on his first shot.... Was slightly unlucky but the carom into black should of been avoided...
And we should of lost 3rd doubles when Chris parlet from shop had simple dish but he missed it to let OSW take black over pocket.

Fun night and a lot of laughs. But we could of easily lost night of pool.....

Result 5:4. A win is a win.....

Match report v Erith A (away)

posted 19 Apr 2017, 02:57 by paul williams

Well with the closing of Erith snooker. Some web site redesign is needed! 

And this match was not quite erith A v Erith D. It was Crayford arms v Great Harry! 

So it was upstairs in Crayford Arms see photo to the left. And this has pub has a pool playing new Landlord. Dan. So it might have some more pool teams from here 

Pool tables is a nice supreme table with a speed clothe. Space is good round table and only 50p.. 

On to match. Pinkie up first v Andy. Bit of a fudge match as no one really knew table. Andy won it with a swerve and black pot out of a snooker.

Mop v Ryan as normal.. Ryan really should of won but missed the black leaving mop with a simple finish. 1-1

OSW continued his come back with his upside down glasses  Pete.. I  guess seeing the balls is useful 2-1 

Rat was having an off day and lost to good black pot from Mark 2-2
Blaster v Long haired Steve was a win for Steve.. Not blaster Steve.. 3-2 

And Sherwood relished the table as he like fast tables with a win v Vince. But Vince really should of won. 3-3

doubles was all ours. erith A cannot win many doubles this season for some reason!

Result: 6-3 win and new pub to play at. It was upstairs out the way but a lively pub and we all had a laugh.. 

Upstairs view in Crayford Arms..

Match report v Royal Oak (Home)

posted 3 Apr 2017, 01:54 by paul williams   [ updated 3 Apr 2017, 01:56 ]

Match v Champions elect Oak. they have been unstoppable in the league this season. Could we put a little bump in the progress to the title?

Up first Pinkie v Phil. Pinkie had the upperhand but not an easy finish. He took a good black to the middle to win. 

Mop v JC next. Mop got chance of a tough finish, but just missed the last red to the middle. JC had open chance but failed to take it leaving easy finish for Mop 2-0

Sherwood v Clements next and this was not going to be a tactical match. Which it wasn't! but there were a lot of missed shots. Clements taking his finish better 2-1

Rat v JK. Controversy as Rat took office to some snookers. JK finished well when he got 2. 2-2

OSW v Mark H. OSW played well for once and didn't throw frame away! 3-2

And Blaster v Dave. Dave looked to have it won, but let Blaster in and he potted 2 good balls 4-2

Good singles as always but doubles is Oaks speciality and never good for us. 

and that's how it turned out. Although good luck favoured Oak in the 3 frames. We lost all three

A 5-4 loss from 4-2 and 2-0 up is a tough pill to swallow but it didn't really matter much for league. 

Result: 5:4 loss. we played well just didn't have enough to get to 5. Well played Oak

Statler and Waldorf?


Match report v Village inn away

posted 23 Mar 2017, 09:37 by paul williams

Up first this week.. Moppy.. Tactical change by the Captain. 

Mop v DIP. Dry break by mop and reds all looked open. DIP looked to be clearing them nicely but failed on 2nd to last red giving Mop a lifeline. Mop got his chance when Dip went in-off and Mop cleared

Pinkie v Jim.. (I'm sure he sold the place). A good battle with a great finish by Pinkie at the end. An excellent escape and pot and then a tough black to middle to win. 0-2

Blaster next and he fell foul to a good player Phil. 2-1

Rat fell over the line v Glenn. 3-1

OSW got to play Steve E and then Pat as we only had 5 and OSW was not playing well! he lost them both! 


blaster/OSW made up for their earlier singles loss by winning first doubles. 
Rat/Mop made it nigh win next frame. 
Pinkie and OSW yet again! Could not make it 6

Result: 5:4 win OSW had a night to forget! but he got to play a lot of pool! 

Match Report v Halfway house (home)

posted 1 Mar 2017, 15:04 by paul williams   [ updated 1 Mar 2017, 15:05 ]

This weeks match report is done by Steve Heather from Halfway He beat me to the punch (helps working only 1 day a week i suppose :))

Link to Halfways report Halfway match reports. and copy below. 

"Lim against Pinkie up first, Lim gave Pinkie 2 shots by going in off from the break. Pinkie should have dished but ran out of position and let Lim in but he could not capitalise and he let Pinkie back in who did a fantastic cut on his last red but was forntunate to develope the black over the middle pocket so 0-1 to Erith. Marc against Moppy next which turned out to be a classic old EPA fight, the game fluctuated bewtween them but Marc seemed to have the edge when he covered a bottom pocket but Moppy covered it with 2 reds which Marc could not get on after potting his last yellow and therefore with the resulting 2 shots after Marc missed Moppy cleared up to make it 0-2.
Will against little John and Will could not put John in trouble at any stage and John took out a neat finish to make it 0-3. Andy against real Kev, Kev should have won but took the wrong route to run out and let Andy back in who cleared up to make it 1-3. Steve up next against Glen. Glen broke and went for the clearance but could not finish, Steve covered a pocket and Glen potted a great yellow into the centre pocket to give him a chance to clear but the black needed to be dislodged. Glen tried to plant the black off a red but failed and Steve made a perfect clearance to make it 2-3. Seep against the master blaster next and a very tactical from Steve suprised us but a fantastic black made it 2-4 to Erith. Andy and Dav against Glen and Kev, Glen took out a good finish to win the match for them 2-5. We came back to win the last 2 doubles to make it a respectable 4-5, considering we were 3-0 and 5-2 down it was not a bad result but it put paid to our run of 8 straight wins ( 7 in the league and 1 in the team knockout) but a good night and banter and some good pool played and I think a fair result in the end. Team knockout next week, good luck to everyone left."

Result: 5:4 win. Was a close match and score shows that. We could be a little disappointed as we started well 3-0 and lost last doubles unluckily.  But were pegged back twice and lot of matches were close so about right.. 

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